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Modern technology for viewing athletics has reached three area high schools.

Beginning this fall, fans at major athletic events at four Oregon high schools will have access to instant replay.

Oregon City, Milwaukie, Lakeridge and Parkrose high schools have teamed up with ReplayLocker to offer instant replay of sports action at athletic events.

“ReplayLocker is an app that allows fans at a sporting event to view highlights on their smart phone or tablet seconds following a play,” said ReplayLocker spokesman Cole Dahle. “These highlights are saved on their device, allowing them to view them any time they want. Alternatively, fans can also download full-game footage online.”

The four Oregon schools are among only six test sites in the nation for the new technology, which has also been installed at California high school’s Mission Hills and Valley Central.

“With up to three camera angles, fans can control the replay with state of the art controls, including forward and reverse, slow motion, frame-by-frame scrubbing, and ease of sharing,” Dahle said. “Up until now, highlights at sports games happen, and then disappear. If you missed it the first time, you will never get a chance to see it. With ReplayLocker, you can see plays you missed while you were in the bathroom, or at the concession stand. And for those spectacular touchdowns, goals or baskets, you can now share them to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, from any angle you want.”

“They mounted a temporary camera at our stadium for the Portland Fillies [semi-pro football team] last spring, and things went well,” said Milwaukie athletic director Jesse Eveland. “So we invited them back and they’ve installed a permanent system in our stadium and gym. We’ll have four different camera angles for football.... The plan is to charge fans [who wish to use the service on smart phones or ipads] and split the profits with the company 50-50.”

Eveland and Oregon City athletic director Bruce Reece say fans can sign-up for instant replay access just prior to games for $2; and full-game coverage can be purchased online for $3 at the ReplayLocker website, replaylocker.com.

“The goal is to provide instant replay for fans, but it’s also a fundraiser,” said Eveland. “With the decreasing budget every year, we’ve been doing everything we can to maintain programs the way they were before the economy tanked. If it works and ends up being a money-maker in football and basketball, there’s the potential to add it for soccer, volleyball, lacrosse and track and field, and even youth sports.”

Eveland and Reece say that the program requires volunteers to operate cameras.

“We’ll make it available for any event at the stadium as long as we have someone to operate the camera,” said Reece.

Eveland said ReplayLocker has agreed to provide the service at this Friday’s football league opener with Sherwood free of charge. A table will be set up for fans to sign up as they arrive at the game.

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