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NW Oregon Conference 2013 Football All-Stars


Offensive Players of the Year

Keegan Lawrence, Sherwood

Jonathan Bolard, Parkrose

Defensive Player of the Year

Jake Reimer, Sherwood

Lineman of the Year

Jacob Zartman, St. Helens

Utility Player of the Year

John Bradley, Putnam

Coach of the Year

Greg Lawrence, Sherwood


PUTNAM — Seniors Bella Geist (kicker), John Bradley (wide receiver) and Austin Snyder (tackle)

SANDY — Senior Conner Graham (guard)

SHERWOOD — Seniors Keegan Lawrence (running back), Mickey Schaefer (running back), Travis Kotowski (tackle), Andrew Rice (guard) and Cam Theimann (center)

WILSONVILLE — Seniors Derek Sunkle (running back) and Parker Nielsen (tight end)

PARKROSE — Juniors Marshawn Edwards (wide receiver) and Jonathan Boland (quarterback)

LIBERTY — Junior Byron Greenlee (wide receiver)


WILSONVILLE — Senior Tyler Carskadon (outside linebacker)

SHERWOOD — Seniors Keegan Lawrence (safety), Jordan Kurahara (line), Martin Layna (line), Jake Reimer (inside linebacker) and Mickey Schaefer (outside linebacker)

SANDY — Senior Andrew Spencer (punter)

PARKROSE — Senior Nicarrio Reliford (safety) and junior Andre Johnson (cornerback)

ST. HELENS — Senior Jacob Zartman (line)

LIBERTY — Senior Javier Picard (line), junior Byron Greenlee (cornerback) and sophomore Devin Thompson (inside linebacker)


MILWAUKIE — Senior Tyler Spencer (wide receiver)

LIBERTY — Seniors Austin Krieck (guard) and Javier Picard (center), and sophomores Blake Walker (quarterback) and Devin Kaneshiro (running back)

SHERWOOD — Seniors Nick Aspen (guard) and Jake Reimer (running back), and juniors Zak Taylor (right end) and Saul Urzua (tackle)

ST. HELENS — Senior Tanner Long (running back)

SANDY — Seniors Andrew Spencer (tackle) and Wyatt Edwards (kicker), and junior C.J. McKinnis (running back)

PARKROSE — Junior Michael Hurlic (wide receiver) and sophomore Vincent Vy (wide receiver)


MILWAUKIE — Seniors Chris Besaw (safety) and Taylor Standford (punter)

WILSONVILLE — Seniors Colin Cubbage (line), Cooper Whittaker (inside linebacker) and John Bohard (cornerback)

SHERWOOD — Seniors Andrew Rice (inside linebacker) and Tanner Shadbolt (cornerback), and junior Zak Taylor (outside linebacker)

SANDY — Seniors Andrew Spencer (line), Austin Gorski (line) and Hunter Rowe (safety); and junior C.J. McKinnis (outside linebacker)

PARKROSE — Senior Josh Bradford (line)

LIBERTY — Senior Kyle Rose (safety) and junior Austin Mason (outside linebacker)


MILWAUKIE — Senior Chris Besaw (running back)

PUTNAM — Junior Josey Swain (quarterback) and sophomore Richie Mock (running back)

ST. HELENS — Seniors Brennan Norton (running back) and Gage Bumgardner (quarterback)

SHERWOOD — Seniors Kevin Larkin (quarterback), Martin Layna (kicker) and Nic Clarke (wide receiver)

LIBERTY — Senior Matthew Langbehn (running back) and junior Austin Mason (wide receiver)

WILSONVILLE — Seniors Brandon Chao (wide receiver), Steven Sawyer (tight end) and Sam Garrison (center)

SANDY — Seniors Austin Gorski (wide receiver) and Cody Welty (wide receiver); and juniors Andrew Funk (running back), Zachary Shields (wide receiver), Crafton Chamberlain (center), Spencer Barnett (quarterback) and Nolan Wright (tackle)

PARKROSE — Seniors Lavell Lindsey (wide receiver), Richard Vong (tackle), Max Denning (center) and Josh Bradford (guard)


MILWAUKIE — Senior Brenton Oten (outside linebacker) and junior Griffin Johnson (inside linebacker)

PUTNAM — Senior Nick Edwards (line)

PARKROSE — Senior Trevor Pickron (inside linebacker), juniors Marshawn Edwards (safety) and Ras-Mann Edwards (line), and sophomore Chris Wilson (cornerback)

WILSONVILLE — Seniors Tanner Crooks (inside linebacker) and Jose Velazquez Rojas (line), and junior Cole Wilson (punter)

ST. HELENS — Seniors Tanner Long (cornerback) and Lucas Bone (linebacker)

LIBERTY — Senior Hunter Dehlin (inside linebacker), and juniors Zane Chitwood (line) and Byron Greenlee (punter)

SHERWOOD — Seniors Austin Goldstein (line), Ryan Jurgens (line), Kevin Larkin (safety), Spencer Clay (cornerback), Nick Dickson (outside linebacker) and Kevin Larkin (punter); and junior Saul Urzua (line)

SANDY — Seniors Conner Graham (line) and Carson Dwyre (cornerback), junior Garrett Rotzien (inside linebacker) and sophomore Christopher Salmela (line)