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Art-bag program benefits arts alliance


Market of Choice recently announced that Clackamas County Arts Alliance was selected by the company to be a recipient of proceeds generated by the sale of its new 100 percent recyclable, non-woven, polypropylene reusable art bags. 

The bags feature an original painting by Corvallis artist Licia Basille-Jelten; the bags sell for $3.99 each at the West Linn Market of Choice, and of that, $1.50 will go to support the Clackamas County Arts Alliance, a nonprofit organization working to keep art central to life in Clackamas County. 

“The company contacted me out of the blue, and said they had selected us” to be the recipient of one of their arts grants, said Cheryl Snow, executive director of the arts alliance, based in Oregon City.

“It was a delightful surprise, and has an even deeper meaning for us, because we have used the community room in the West Linn Market of Choice for meetings. It is a nice way to close the loop,” Snow added.

The company will collect funds generated by the sale of the art bags, and will then distribute checks quarterly to the beneficiary organization, she said.

CCAA does not have a dedicated program to raise funds, so it will be helpful to have an ongoing fund source, Snow said, adding that the money will go into the organization’s general operating fund.

Market of Choice is based in Eugene, and expanded into West Linn in 2006; the company has always had a program to give back to the community and to the arts.

“We understand that the arts alliance was created to support, develop and promote access to arts and culture in Clackamas County. And it’s a mission we’re excited to help support,” said Lyn Ryse, marketing director for Market of Choice.

“We are always pleased to work with any business person who understands art and culture, and we are particularly grateful to partner with a locally owned business,” Snow said.

“We share many values with Market of Choice, and we are thrilled to engage in this partnership.”