The mission of the Oregon City Business Alliance is to encourage, promote and support positive economic growth in Oregon City. To that end, the Oregon City Business Alliance has endorsed the following candidates for the Oregon City Commission, and has voiced its strong opposition to Measure 3-407.

In the past several years, Oregon City has missed key opportunities to bring new businesses and jobs to our area. Much of this has been due to indecisiveness, in-fighting, and lack of leadership on our City Commission. Tim Powell and Carol Pauli have the proven leadership skills and experience to help Oregon City realize new economic opportunities and jobs going forward.

Tim Powell has served on the Oregon City Commission and as the Chair of the Oregon City Planning Commission. Additionally, he has been active in his Neighborhood Association since its inception. With Tim’s business background and experience in the retail environment, the OCBA believes he will make an excellent choice for commissioner.

In 2011, Carol Pauli was unanimously appointed by the Oregon City Commission to fill the seat of vacated Commissioner Jim Nicita. Carol is a longtime resident of Oregon City, a successful small business owner, and an active volunteer in the community.

Tim and Carol believe healthy communities begin with leadership that is committed to building a strong economic foundation. They are ready to embrace business opportunities that bring new jobs for our citizens, increase property values, and provide improved funding for our schools, libraries, parks and other vital city services.

Tim and Carol want people to know, “Oregon City is open for business!” We believe these leaders have the intelligence, drive, and skills to move Oregon City forward.

Measure 3-407 is being framed by proponents as a “right to vote” issue, but this is misleading.

In 2011, recalled Commissioner Jim Nicita led an effort to change Oregon City’s charter using the same exact ballot language being used today in Measure 3-407. At that time, 400 concerned citizens turned out to a City Commission meeting to protest Nicita’s charter-change effort knowing that its passage would kill new business opportunities like The Rivers and Cabela’s. Nicita did not listen to his constituents and was subsequently recalled.

Measure 3-407 is the exact same measure Nicita and his group used in 2011—only this time it is being framed as your right to vote. Make no mistake; the intent of this measure is to politicize current and future urban-renewal investment efforts and to discourage new businesses and developers from helping to revitalize Oregon City’s sluggish economy.

For these reasons, the Oregon City Business Alliance strongly opposes Measure 3-407 and encourages citizens to support local representative government and to participate in the urban-renewal planning process through public hearings and citizen comments.

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