by: PHOTO BY: KATIE WILSON - Gregg Smith, gun safety instructor and range master at the Clatskanie Rifle and Pistol Club, shows students the proper way to hold and aim a gun using plastic replicas that replicate the weight and feel of real firearms.In the future when the sheriff’s of Grant, Josephine, Linn, Washington, Coos, Jackson, Douglas and Curry counties aren’t enforcing the nations gun control laws; which they are on record as stating they will not enforce, my expectation is that they’ll be understanding when I pick and choose the laws of their respective counties that I won’t obey.

It is the responsibility of the judicial branch of government to determine whether a law is constitutional. It is the responsibiity of those in the executive branch to carry out, enforce the laws as they stand. This is basic Civics 101.

No democratic republic can long survive if the people accept that law enforcement is empowered to decide those laws which will be enforced and those not. This is basic History 101.

D. Kent Lloyd


Don’t make me a criminal

I’m a law abiding citizen, Army retiree, father, husband and owner of some of the firearms they now want banned. I’m like the vast majority of gun owners who will be made into criminals by these proposed laws because I’m not giving up the firearms I have to protect myself and my family and I’m in the company of millions like me who obey the law and want to protect their families as well.

Why punish the many for the misdeeds of the few?

Why blame a type of firearm for the actions of a madman instead of fixing the system that allowed that madman out in society in the first place?

That same madman who could have just as easily used a car or a homemade bomb instead of a firearm.

James Ellington


Fighting poverty

I am a 17-year-old senior at La Salle Catholic College Prep writing to express my concern for poverty in our economy as we move forward into the year 2013.

Poverty has been an issue our world has had to deal with for a countless amount of years. Nearly 49 million people in the United States, about 16 percent of Americans, are facing poverty to some extent today. Which means that about 13 percent of Oregon’s population is in poverty right now. And I believe it is time for our government to take full and complete action on putting this issue to a stop.

If we take poverty out of our economy, we can come one step closer to building a more stable world where everyone is capable of getting a job and no one is thrown out into the streets. I have done service with the poor countless times, and each time I do it, it just breaks my heart and makes me wish that there could be more done.

Please help spread the news about this growing issue. I know that I, for one, will do as much as I possibly can to help stop it. I will support anyone else who decides to do the same.

Jarrod McKay

Happy Valley

Helping worthy nonprofit

The article that appeared in your paper about Prior to AA (“Support group throws lifeline to generation,” Jan. 16) is just the kind of grassroots effort we need to support in order to stem what is happening in our communities across this nation.

As a community, we need to support a budding organization like Open Heart—Prior to AA. We need to reach out to these young people before they hit bottom. A group like what Bret is trying to do is exactly what any ordinary citizen can do to step up within all of our various communities.

Thanks for printing the article, and I hope that more readers will respond as I have to support Bret Martin and his fledgeling nonprofit.

I have spoken with Bret, and I intend to do all I can to assist him. I will be asking my contacts in the Portland buisness community to step up and join me. Thank you.

Sho Dozono

Southwest Portland

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