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Now that we have a nice new Oregon City, shouldn’t we show it off by having our summer weekend farmers market where it should be, downtown?

For years we have been the city that had the “dump.” Now we are the city that has its weekend farmers market by the jail and dog pound. No atmosphere, no help for downtown business owners who struggled for two years.

If we were to have it downtown we could get the traffic from 99E, West Linn, Canby, Gladstone and many other places. The only place that might benefit from where the market is currently held is Safeway. Oregon City’s market should help Oregon City small businesses. Look how Milwaukie grew after it opened its farmer’s market.

Perhaps we could use the River Crossing Professional Center’s parking lot; there is also Liberty Square.

Every time I bring up the issue I am shut down. Excuses like we don’t have room. How do have room for the First City Celebration and the car show? We have thousands that attend these events. Another excuse I hear is the vendors don’t want to move.

There are a lot of vendors out there; I am sure we could find ones who are willing to come to downtown. If the people in charge don’t want to move their Saturday market, then perhaps a Sunday market.

Take advantage of the people headed down to Milwaukie to their market. We could stay open a bit later than Milwaukie and have them frequent more of our downtown merchants. Yes, any new venture is hard work, but not impossible.

Sandra Gillman owns a hat shop in downtown Oregon City.

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