You should now have your ballot for the recall election of March 19. This election is extremely important for all those who reside in or have a business in the Clackamas River Water district.

The purpose of this election is to remove Commissioner Patricia Holloway from elected office.

About 5,000 CRW electors signed a petition calling for this recall election. It is important now to vote YES so this recall can take effect.

Pat Holloway became a member of the CRW board in July 2007. Very soon after she took office, she started on what became a destructive path of filing legal actions against other commissioners and staff, making many reckless and unsubstantiated allegations against anyone who — eventually — challenged her attempts to assume total control of the board and the district. These legal actions have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for the district, its insurers, Clackamas County (for the sheriff and the DA to address her accusations), the state of Oregon, our judicial system (for hearing the multitudinous legal actions), and the FBI (for investigating these unsubstantiated complaints).

It is important to note that her attempts to “uncover the corruption that is hidden deep within CRW” have shown no such “corruption.” If there were anything of the sort, all those who have served with her these past five and a half years would most certainly want to have it corrected. Annual audits, even those that addressed her accusations, have been clean.

The most recent and most outrageous actions occurred when she and Commissioner Grafton Sterling attempted to take control of the district by holding illegal meetings (without the three person quorum required by CRW bylaws) at which they “appointed” a third commissioner and subsequently “fired” the district’s legal counsel, “appointed” Patricia Holloway’s personal attorney to the role of “legal counsel for the district,” “put the general manager on administrative leave,” and “assumed control of district bank accounts.”

Fortunately, those actions were ruled invalid. She has appealed that decision to the supreme court of Oregon (likely anticipating that CRW will have to pay a huge sum for work done by her personal attorney, but never authorized by any legal CRW board). Defending that action — and there is no choice here because it has to be defended — is expected to cost CRW another $30,000.

Please mark your ballot “YES, I vote for the recall” so the district that supplies your water can get back to its real business — supplying safe water to all of us (at a cost that is currently in the low range for this entire region).

Barbara Kemper resigned from the CRW board on Oct. 31, after she heard that the CRW insurance carrier would not renew insurance after the end of the year as long as the current board was in place.

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