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Letters: Struggling New Urban students found hope at school to improve


It’s hard not to be emotional when you find out a place you’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into might close down. I feel offended when they want to close down my school—the only one of its kind.

When I went to another school, the learning style was much different, making it hard to get the help I needed. I’m the kind of student that asks a lot of questions, because I need to clearly understand exactly what to do before I move on. Also a lot of the classes were tailored towards textbook work. I’m not a very strong reader, so being in a class where reading is practically the curriculum makes me feel unaccomplished or unmotivated to work hard every day. Also, another reason it’s so different is because of the staff. I have better relationships with my teachers at New Urban. I really feel that they care about all of us.

I know that I care about them. I would go as far as to say I love most of them. New Urban is a family; ask anyone and they’d tell you the same.

Jonathan “Gordo” Barbur

Senior at New Urban High School

Don’t take away my motivation

Before New Urban, I didn’t know my grade-level work. Before New Urban, I didn’t know algebra. Before New Urban, I had no motivation to even go to school. Before New Urban, I was skipping school and cutting class. Before New Urban, I was failing every class. I need New Urban. The teachers here are so patient and help a lot. I know I will not be attending New Urban if they move it. Without New Urban, I see myself dropping out of high school.

I want New Urban to stay exactly where it is and exactly how it is. There is nothing wrong with this school. With New Urban as my school I’m passing every class. I became Student of the Month. I have motivation to go to school. I now know my grade-level work. I’m even ahead in my classes. I love New Urban.

Rose Ybarra

Sophomore at New Urban

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