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Letters: OLWD race heats up to support Knapp, Gibson


Remember Jim Knapp…He is the person who knocked on doors, shook hands, disseminated information, and set up signs to halt the takeover of our local Oak Lodge Sanitary District. He is Oak Lodge Water District's commissioner for Position Two. The Oak Lodge Water District has pristine water, is financially stable (debt-free by 2014) and has planned water supply for the next 50 years, at the low rates envied by other regional districts.

Why mess with success? Why would we support another candidate, Nancy Gibson, who wants Oak Lodge to combine our water and sewer districts? This accomplishes absolutely nothing! Five previous studies have proven this without a doubt.

We can continue to count on Jim Knapp who has spent his entire life living and operating his business in Oak Grove to continue his passions, to look out for the best interests of Oak Lodge Water ratepayers and keeping Oak Lodge the place we all love.

Julie L. Pittenger-Stanley

Oak Grove

Gibson's my pick

Please join me in voting for Nancy Gibson for Position 2 on the Oak Lodge Water District.

Jim Knapp is her opponent. He has been a Water District Board member for around 19 years. It's time for a change, no matter what you might think of Jim.

Under his watch, the Water District did not raise their rates year after year, until last year they suddenly "had to" raise them 170 percent!

That's a huge jump for people who were not expecting it. As I recall that event, the executive director of the water district came to the Oak Grove CPO and pretty much announced that this raise was going to occur. There was no transparent, collaborative, open public process.

Jim Knapp did not offer any resistance or alternative to this lack of real public process, nor did he explain why, on his watch, things had gotten so out of hand that such a huge increase was necessary. In fact, he blamed the other board members, which is not good leadership.

It's my view that, had he been paying proper attention, this would not have happened in the way that it did. Incremental increases are a sign of good governance, not huge 170 percent increases like this. Term limits are a common best practice and should be implemented by the district in the future.

Nancy Gibson will bring fresh eyes, and an open mind to the workings of the water district, and will report to the CPO clearly and as needed so that everyone will know what's going on there.

It's indeed time for a change.

Susan Shawn

Oak Grove

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