by: SCREEN SHOT - Oregon City Public Works Director John Lewis is featured in a video by the Willamette Falls Media Center to provide information about the upcoming ballot measure.Clackamas Community College does an outstanding job of providing educational opportunities to our high school graduates, veterans, and unemployed.

Still, the changing job environment requires that our college address new challenges, such as the demand for job applicants with manufacturing skills.

Providing such training will not be easy, particularly in the current economic environment.

To maintain the excellence of our community college, we need to maintain the excellence of the college’s board.

Greg Chaimov currently serves as the Zone 1 representative on the Clackamas Community College Board, and in community meetings he’s demonstrated a deep understanding of the issues and opportunities facing the college.

Having served in numerous demanding public service positions, he understands how to work with a board to get things done.

His opponent, Michael Wilson, is clearly sincere and has made real and commendable contributions to the community.

But nothing in his biography demonstrates that Mr. Wilson is up to the task of helping lead our community college.

Review the Voters’ Pamphlet, and you’ll agree that we need to keep Greg Chaimov on the Clackamas Community College Board representing Zone 1 (Milwaukie and Oak Grove).

Jim Martin

Oak Grove

Scott needs your vote

As a teacher and a parent, I encourage you to support Vivian Scott for the North Clackamas School Board.

Vivian has served our community through some of the most difficult financial times our school district has ever faced, and brings 13 years of budget committee experience to the role.

Her support of sound financial practices and innovative strategies has protected a wide range of programs, courses, and services from cuts - from rigorous college level courses to academic support and the performing arts.

Vivian Scott has supported our hardworking teachers and staff through these hard times, and she’s a tireless volunteer for North Clackamas Schools. Please give her your vote!

Dan Robinette


Bring back stability

We are in need of quality elected citizens to serve on the Clackamas River Water Board.

It is imperative that we are able to reinstate our insurance and no longer waste taxpayer dollars on unproductive issues.

Please elect Larry Sowa, Ken Humberston and Hugh Kalani to the Clackamas River Water Board and bring stability and progress back to this vital organization. Thank you for voting!

Shawnda Horn


Nancy Gibson for OLWD

My choice for Oak Lodge Water District Board of Directors is Nancy Gibson. Nancy Gibson has lived in the Jennings Lodge area for over 22 years and now wants to further her volunteer work by serving as an Oak Lodge Water Board Commissioner.

All of us should thank her opponent for his 19 years of service and tell him it’s time for a change. Under his administration, the water board took a 171 percent increase in water rates and they have eliminated their newsletter sent to ratepayers. Nancy Gibson, in review of their budget, found that the Oak Lodge Water Board has a $2 million rainy-day fund. Her opponent continues to say that by 2014 he wants the water district to be out of debt. I don’t understand why the $2 million fund isn’t put to work to reduce their debt. Further, I recently heard him say, in a public meeting, that the district had no debt. So what’s up?

Nancy Gibson is whip smart and extremely well educated. She is bilingual and wants to open up the board process to reach out to ratepayers and help educate our youth in what a valuable commodity water is.

Please join me in voting for Nancy Gibson for Oak Lodge Water Board of Directors.

Ginny Van Loo

Jennings Lodge

The real story

Nancy Gibson has decided to run against incumbent Jim Knapp for position No. 2 on the Oak Lodge Water Board.

Here are some facts that Nancy Gibson has overlooked in her newspaper article:

1. Through long- range planning (early 1980s) the water district has become self-sufficient with its own water supply and treatment facility.

2. The newsletter sent with the latest bill describes what is currently being done to construct seismic upgrades to all four reservoirs, an emergency water supply, and flexible water valves to withstand even a severe earthquake.

3. The rate increase (the first in seven years) of 117 percent equates to $8.70 or about two gallons of gas.

4. Oak Lodge Water District has some of the lowest water rates in the Northwest, and already has an existing water rate program for low income residents.

5. Through his tenacity and leadership Jim Knapp has taken “Mayberry” into the 21st century.

Perhaps before Nancy Gibson states what the water district needs to implement or change, she should get the real information from the water district management.

Nancy Trotman

Oak Grove

Why I’m for Nancy

I am supporting Nancy Gibson for Oak Lodge Water Board commissioner.

She is a resident of Jennings Lodge, and would be the only representative of this area on the board.

She wants a more involved public, specifically in respect to the budget. She would like the budget and changes proposed, to be on the district website.

Nancy would advocate for a expedited replacement of the 50-plus years old cast-iron pipes. At this time only 30,000 feet of 100 miles of pipe have been replaced.

She wants a disaster plan which is more comprehensive than the public taking their water jugs to the tanks at View Acres if supply is cut.

Nancy is funding her own campaign independently, refusing all outside offers of help with it.

Carol Mastronarde

Jennings Lodge

Scott for NCSD Board

Vivian Scott brings experience and thoughtful decision-making to the School Board. She has been engaged in assisting our district for over 11 years. Before serving eight years on the board, she volunteered on the school district Budget Committee for three years. She was also a music booster, and served on site council at several schools.

Vivian’s professional background in youth employment and her knowledge of the school district means that she’s the best candidate to provide a spectrum of quality options for all students.

Vivian is a leader who cares about each student in the district, and she knows how to squeeze the most educational value from every public dollar. We need her dedication to quality instruction for every student as we face the challenges of diminishing budget resources.

As community members and parents of students in the North Clackamas schools, we support Vivian for Board Position 5.

Jan Indermill & Julie Harvey

Chaimov for CCC

We come from different neighborhoods and different parts of the political spectrum, but all agree that the residents of Milwaukie and north Oak Grove should keep Greg Chaimov on the Clackamas Community College Board of Education.

Our community college deserves proven leadership. Greg’s service on a city council and board of a special district has given him the experience to guide the college in the way this community wants. The future of Harmony Campus is important to Milwaukie. Not only the education opportunities it provides, but also that its development and expansion is done with the best interests of Milwaukie being part of the decision making.

Our community college deserves a leader who knows — and cares about — this community. Greg has lived in Oak Grove and Milwaukie for 30 years and raised his family here. He has been active in every aspect of community life, from helping at library book sales to chairing the chamber of commerce.

Greg is fully aware of the city’s concerns over road development around and through the campus, and fully supports the stance taken by Milwaukie City Council and the seven Milwaukie Neighborhood Associations over such development. He supports those who oppose building a road in the Three Creeks Area.

None of us agrees with all of the decisions that Greg has made. We’re too diverse a community for that. All of us, however, appreciate that Greg listens carefully to all sides on an issue and does his best to represent the whole community.

Greg is running with the endorsement of every member of Milwaukie City Council. Please vote for Greg Chaimov for Clackamas Community College Board of Education.

Dave Hedges

Pat and Irma Canan

Dion Shepard

Pepi Anderson

Beth Kelland

Milwaukie area

Vote YES on Measure #3-423

Oregon City citizens are faced with a decision that could affect the water quality for years to come.

When the water rate rollback was originally approved by the voters in 1996 the intent was to rollback the rates back two years. However, by a court order the rates could not be rolled back until 2014, a 20-year span.

If the water rate is rolled back to 1994 it will decrease water revenue by approximately 27 percent, which will reduce the city’s ability to pay for current operating costs and maintenance of our water system.

The current rates will remain the same as they are today, with an annual maximum allowed rate increase of 3 percent.

We sometimes take for granted that when we turn on our water tap it will provide clean and healthy water.

Your water rates pay for such things as fire-hydrant repairs and replacement, drinking-water treatment and water-quality protection.

Please join us in voting YES on measure 3-423 to keep our water flowing. Ensuring that your water tap will continue to provide clean water and eliminate the possibility of drastically reducing water services.

Citizens for OC Water:

Doug Neeley, Mayor

Betty Mumm, Commissioner

Carol Pauli, Commissioner

Kathy Roth, Commissioner

Rocky Smith, Jr, Commissioner

Barbara Renken

Daniel W Holladay

John K. Anderson

Raymond Renken

Don Slack

R.C. “Bob” La Salle

Vote yes for OC water

The future of Oregon City’s water delivery system rests squarely with the voters of Oregon City. This issue has been in the making for almost 20 years. The Oregon City Chamber of Commerce strongly supports a YES vote on Measure #3-423 to eliminate a setback of water rates to a level too low to maintain our water-delivery system.

This issue is now on your May ballot because in 1996, voters were concerned about rapidly rising water rates and approved a City Charter amendment that would return water rates to 1994 levels. This action of returning to older rates is known as a “rollback” or “setback.” The setback to 1994 water rates, however, didn’t go into effect immediately because the city had already borrowed money to pay for water system improvements, thus legally obligated to pay back those loans. Without a successful vote to change the City Charter, in 2014 those loans will be repaid and the water rates will return to near 1994 levels.

Reduced water rates would reduce the city’s ability to replace the small amount of aged pipe replaced each year and significantly reduce operation and maintenance of Oregon City’s water system. As a water rate payer, paying less money for water service sounds appealing; however, this would be at the “cost” of discolored water from our faucets, broken pipes too expensive to replace and low flow issues. This would prove devastating to Oregon City’s ability to retain and recruit businesses, too.

A safe, clean water distribution system is paramount to the health, livability and success of a community. Oregon City residents and water rate payers have access to a safe, clean water supply 24 hours a day and 365 days a year! Water keeps our bodies hydrated, our bodies and homes clean, our landscapes healthy, and our businesses producing. Suffice it to say, water is extremely important and at times we may take this resource for granted. In this case, what we may be taking for granted is the infrastructure that gets the water from the river, to the treatment facility, to the reservoirs, through pumps and miles of pipes and finally into our homes and businesses.

Oregon City must vote YES for Oregon City water on Measure #3-423.

Amber Holveck

Oregon City Chamber

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