In regards to Tammy Stevens’ Community Soapbox (July 24), I think she is the one who is uninformed.

She claims that John Ludlow made 17 uninformed decisions, and that Tootie Smith voted right alongside Chair Ludlow. I am sure that Tootie did, however, John’s decisions were not uninformed. The decisions that John is making are on behalf of the majority of Clackamas County voters/taxpayers. Tammy Stevens is from the minority of Clackamas County, the ones who want to allow our elected officials to support their campaign contributors, and not the majority of voters/taxpayers in Clackamas County.

Both John and Tootie have been studying the issues in Clackamas County for years. Believe me, they definately know what has been going on. Tammy Stevens and her group have been attacking both John and Tootie since they took office on Jan. 7. This because their candidates lost their re-election bid. Why did they lose? Because they did not support the majority of voters in Clackamas County on the Portland/Milwaukie light-rail project.

To the citizens of Clackamas County, it is time to come together and put Tammy Stevens and her group in their place, by coming out and renewing their support for both John and Tootie.

Both Paul Savas, and Jim Bernard are up for re-election next year. Jim Bernard has announced that he will seek another term. He played a big part in the decisions of Charlotte Lehan, Jamie Damon and Ann Lininger’s decisions involving the light-rail project. His campaign contributors shouldn’t waste their money. He is going to have the same result as Lehan and Damon. Remember, Jim Bernard has property that TriMet is buying from him for $20,000. Remember, that Ann Lininger took a position one month after leaving office. She did not seek re-election. Instead she set herself up with a company involved in the light-rail construction and thumbed her nose at the citizens of Clackamas County.

Now, as far as Paul Savas is concerned, he was at the victory party raising hands and raising glasses with both John Ludlow and Tootie Smith at the Monarch Hotel in Clackamas. This was supposed to swing the vote in the conservative direction by a 3-2 vote, with decisions made on behalf of what the majority of our citizens want. However, since January, he has attacked them.

Then Tammy Stevens goes on to attack Terry Emmert’s ever growing storage of rundown homes. What does this have to do with John and Tootie? This has been going on for years — years before John and Tootie were elected to the BCC. There is nothing wrong with Terry Emmert’s storage of homes. Many have been restored and relocated.

So, come on, Clackamas County, make your voices heard by coming out in support of both John and Tootie, and let’s stop these attacks.

Remember, John and Tootie are making decisions based on what the majority of Clackamas County voters/taxpayers want. They believe in the people of Clackamas County and won’t let the big corporations or other organizations influence them. The voters/taxpayers are the people who influence them.

“People First”

Jeff Molinari is a resident of Milwaukie.

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