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I’m writing with regards to last week’s story “Your kids get no easy escape from those dreaded shots.” Making it harder to opt out of vaccinating children is of vital importance to protect other children in our schools.

by: PHOTO BY: RENEE KING - Ziling Zhen, 10, left, holds the hand of her sister, Ailing, 6, who prepares to receive an immunization from Alicia Nusom, a medical assistant with Providence Medical Group-Happy Valley. Ailing was starting first grade and only needed one immunization to be ready for the school year.This should be one of the primary concerns of our schools. If the children in school aren’t safe, what opportunity are we providing for them? To learn, or to get sick?

While protecting religious liberty is important, safety must be the prime concern in situations like this. Way too many people refuse to vaccinate their children for stupid reasons, and fail to understand the risks that come along with not vaccinating. I think these changes are a good thing.

Mark Schultz

Oregon City

Preserving life and property

Fire Station Open Houses, community health and safety fairs, National Preparedness Month events, Fire Prevention Week activities... Why so many events? This is an especially busy time of year for Clackamas Fire as we focus on strategies to deliver outstanding fire and life safety education.

As we move out of fire season and into fall, it is critically important to communicate safety related topics across all communities and to the citizens we proudly serve.

Please join us during the month of October for one of our many open houses. These informal events allow us to showcase the services we provide every day and allow you an opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback, tour your community fire station and spend time with our staff, career, and volunteer personnel. Please visit us at clackamasfire.com for more information.

Clackamas Fire completed a two-day annual Strategic Planning Retreat at the historic Ainsworth House in Oregon City on Sept. 10 and 11. This training session focused on bringing various career and volunteer personnel representing all work groups together to better understand the challenges and opportunities facing our fire district.

Our focus was on the principles and practices of continuous improvement, executing goals within Clackamas Fire’s Strategic Business Plan, and discussing strategies to enhance our mission, “To safely protect and preserve life and property.”

Fred Charlton

Fire chief

Here’s to our non-service industry

Did you know that Oct. 4 is National Manufacturing Day? Manufacturing is still an important part of our nation’s economy and especially of Oregon’s. Manufacturing output as a share of Oregon’s total GDP grew from 18 percent in 1997 to 39 percent in 2012. This is the highest share of GDP of any state in the nation.

Did you know that the North Clackamas Chamber has a special group for those in manufacturing, food processing, distribution and other non-retail or service industries? The Manufacturers’ Roundtable meets on the fourth Thursday of every month at 7:30 in the morning. Every month at your chamber’s headquarters, 7740 S.E. Harmony Road, they share information on HR issues, OSHA issues and environmental regulations.

The Manufacturers’ Roundtable is just another way that the North Clackamas Chamber seeks to serve all of our members, and clearly our manufacturers are a very important part of a vital regional economy.

David Kelly

Chamber CEO

Lemonade — not Kool-Aid

In response to Jeff Molinari — as usual he chooses to write a novel, and in this case, it was in response to my comments of the prior week.

Not surprising is that all his assumptions about me were incorrect, as was his belief that Ludlow and Smith respond to people that disagree with them — they don’t. Most importantly, he proves my main point in my beliefs about him. For the Molinaris of the world, life isn’t about actual living but about showing us misguided souls how wrong we are and how right they are. This isn’t my idea of living; I prefer sporting events, dates with my wife and volunteering in my community. But hey, Jeff, knock yourself out if writing for the ego page is the extent of your life.

As for me, I prefer lemonade over Kool-Aid.

John Robinson


Contract Publishing

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