I was excited to learn that the American Heart Association issued new guidelines for CPR, but unfortunately too few people know about them.

It is now easier than ever to save a life through the hands-only CPR two-step process. Step 1: Call 911. Step 2: Push hard and fast in the center of the chest until help arrives. You can even sing along to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees — 100 beats per minute! Of the 383,000 people that suffer sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital each year, the vast majority do not receive bystander CPR and less than 11 percent survive.

Mayor Charlie Hales recently issued an official proclamation declaring June 1 to June 7 as CPR Week in Portland. This was a great step towards educating Oregonians, and I encourage people to participate in this effort by watching the hands-only CPR video at

We never know when someone may be in a life threatening situation, but we can all be prepared. I have experienced recent loss in my family due to lack of education and motivation to seek preventative methods, and I know firsthand why education is the key!

I urge state legislators to make hands-only CPR a requirement in Oregon high schools so we can bring 45,000 new lifesavers into our communities each year!

Amanda Lindsay

Oregon City

Continued threat to First Amendment

The Jared Anderson complaint registered with the Clackamas County Department of Employee Services raises a much larger concern than the complainant’s. It should disturb us all.

I have long observed that the dark side of the LGBT( and now Q ) agenda carries with it a very real threat to our First Amendment rights so utterly foundational in any attempt to articulate what freedom and liberty mean in the United States.

We should tread very lightly as we approach the altar of this version of political correctness.

We are becoming a people afraid of our own shadow. We are seeing people lacking an ounce of animus in their hearts being described as bullies and narrow minded hate mongers and bigots by those who do hate anyone not completely agreeing with them.

We have become a land of the less free and home of the not so brave.

I am momentarily relieved by the Employment Services exoneration of Ludlow and Smith but not finding much cause for celebration.

Robert E. Repp

West Linn

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