The Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association is delighted to hear that the U.S Interior Department will be granting more than $650,000 to Oregon this year from the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). This strong LWCF award is great news for families who like to get outdoors and especially anglers and hunters who have greatly benefitted from LWCF through increased access to prime outdoor recreation areas.

In Oregon, active outdoor recreation generates $12.8 billion annually in consumer spending. Specifically within the sportfishing industry, Oregon anglers pumped more than $680 million into local economy in 2011.

Over the years, the Land and Water Conservation Fund has helped Oregon — and all states — protect many special places that are important for sportfishing and clean water. But it could be doing more. Only once in its long 50-year history has Congress provided the full $900 million authorized for the program.

At the Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association, we are appreciative for the funding coming in and are hopeful Congress will reauthorize this historic program to its full potential.

Liz Hamilton

Oregon City

Bridge construction brings headaches

The new Carver Bridge has tied up traffic for many months and continues to do so (“Carver Bridge replacement begins this spring,” May, 9, 2012).

Placing the new bridge slightly upstream, the option public opinion favored, would have eliminated the ongoing traffic problems, saved building two temporary bridges and eliminated sharp turns at each end.

I wonder where Clackamas County finds such planners and feel they should be replaced.

Carl Ronson


Editor’s note: Clackamas County decided to build the $15 million Carver replacement bridge at its existing location “primarily because the county has been unable to obtain the additional funds needed to build at an alternative location,” according to project documents. Related safety measures that were proposed to be part of the construction process at the Highway 224 intersection were put on hold, also due to funding issues.

Trial date delayed

Thank you for the article you wrote about the litigation of my property on Monroe Street in Milwaukie with TriMet and the lack of access (“Man sues over light-rail construction,” July 2).

The trial was scheduled to begin July 9, but the court has delayed the start of the trial until next November for the third time. The last two delays were because the court had no judges available to hear the case. The Clackamas County District Court budget isn’t large enough to hire extra judges, so my case will continue on for at least four more months.

I will stay in touch with you and let you know when the case finally goes to trial. It may be in the spring if we get another delay in November.

Thanks again for bringing my story to the public.

Bill Corti


Maynard remarks elicit sharp response

Former volleyball coach Frank Maynard understood fully the nature of the challenge he was accepting at Milwaukie and ultimately failed to deliver on his plan to turn the program around.

My assertion is that Mr. Maynard was a poor fit. I wish him success in his new role but I still believe that his quote was unnecessary and unkind. How can any coach accept credit for a successful program if they are unwilling to accept responsibility for failure? He was to be the primary driver of “building a winning culture.” I would not take issue with his statement if he had simply said “We” were unable to build the culture and program needed for success rather than implying the community somehow let him down.

I am sad that Milwaukie High has struggled to find the right leader with the combination of skill, patience and empathy to give the girls the program they deserve. I believe that winning cultures can be built, but they start from the coach and work down.

It is truly not my intention to debate the reasons for successful athletic programs but rather to express my disappointment that a youth coach chooses to blame the kids and families on his way out the door at Milwaukie. I believe Frank should ask himself “Is it true? Is it kind? Will it help?” before he chooses to comment on the Milwaukie High program in the future.

Patrick Gabrish


Contract Publishing

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