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Estacada checks out 'The Librarians'

“W?e need more smoke,” Marc Roskin, director of “The Librarians” shouts, jumping from his perch in front of four video monitors on the sidewalk in downtown Estacada.

Roskin trots across the street, passed a burning car to a parking lot, and soon smoke is billowing out from next to the building.

“The Librarians,” produced by Electric Entertainment, is filming in Estacada. After the smoke is satisfactorily adjusted, everyone takes their places and filming resumes.

The cameras start rolling, and stars Christian Kane ("Leverage"), Lindy Booth ("Dawn of the Dead") and John Kim ("Neighbors") charge down the street away from an “explosion,” discussing their apocalyptic case as the “townspeople” rush toward the commotion and burning police car.

“The Librarians,” the popular television show airing on TNT, is filmed entirely in the Portland area, with a production facility in Clackamas. The show was shooting Tuesday, June 23, in downtown Estacada.

“The Librarians,” which premiered in December 2014, is a spin-off of the movie series called “The Librarian.” Electric Entertainment also produced the wildly-popular “Leverage,” which also shot in the Portland area.

The plot line of the television show has the intrepid Librarians solving thorny mysteries and fighting magical threats to mankind, all while recovering ancient artifacts.

The series stars Rebecca Romijn (“X-Men” and “King & Maxwell”) and John Larroquette (“Night Court” and “Boston Legal”). Noah Wyle (“ER”) shows up in guest appearances.

“Electric Entertainment loves it here” said Bobby Warberg, “The Librarians” location manager. “There is a good crew base. There are great locations. We can find anything we want here.” Most of the crew, a few actors and all the extras are local.

Estacada was standing in for a fictional town in Oklahoma for the series. “We’ve shot in Estacada a number of times. Once before for ‘The Librarians’ and twice for ‘Leverage.’ ”

Although a few Estacadans were grumbling about the inconvenience of having the film crew clogging up downtown, there also were clutches of folks watching the action.

“We try to make everyone feel involved and take care of local businesses,” Warberg said.

Sarah Lake, owner of Barbara’s Flowers and Coffee, around the corner from the filming said, “I think it’s neat. They all came in this morning and bought something. It gives everyone in town something positive to talk about.”

The Tuesday morning shoot featured the car exploding downtown with extras rushing out of the old Safari Club to see what happened. The Club, now just an empty building, had been transformed in a single day by “The Librarian’s” art department into a cozy bar. The afternoon’s shooting was scheduled for the Club.

The explosion scene was filmed six times with the crew tackling a number of details: they removed a fire extinguisher from next to the burning police car; coaxed the smoke to look the same scene to scene and checked and rechecked to make sure an actor’s bandage and bruise looked realistic.

Although things seemed to be moving slowly in Estacada Tuesday morning, Warberg said it only takes seven days to film one episode. After Estacada, “The Librarians” crew was moving on to a Clackamas County gravel pit adjacent to Barton Park, Warberg said.

This episode, called “The Librarians and What Lies Beneath the Stones” will air this winter on TNT.


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