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Estacada Public Works crews keep busy


Projects occupied a busy summer for the city

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - The city of Estacada public works department kept busy with six major projects this summer, ranging from housing subdivisions to upgrading sewer lines.Tom Seal and the Estacada Public Works department were able to keep busy well into the fall with a number of projects around the city.

Among the notable projects were a storm drain project, a pair of housing subdivisions, street repair, curb adjustments and a new sewer pipeline.

The storm drain project took place at the corner of Fifth Street and Shafford Avenue, where there was street runoff running onto some private property.

While that was just a minor issue, the housing projects in Estacada could have a major impact on the local community.

The first subdivision, Timber Ridge, is a new area being developing where all of the construction work has been done, the developers are just finishing up the striping and signage.

“Just waiting on PGE to set the poles and the lights,” Seal said. “They’re vacant lots ready to build.”

The subdivision is part of the Cascadia Ridge development and it contains 32 completed lots.

In an even bigger subdivision, the Vista Noel, there are 62 lots that were started in 2006.

“They partially installed and completed the infrastructure, but in 2008, when the crunch came, they just walked away,” Seal said. “Has been sitting vacant and unfinished for three years, but now they have finished it. Water, sewer and storm are all in and completed, they just need to finish pulling the power and that’s it.”

That subdivision was bought by the same developers as Timber Ridge to be completed.

Seal’s third major project was the sub-grade repair at 3rd and Main, where the road was breaking up. In fact, in the repairs, the city dug so deep to repair the street that it actually reached the old plank road that was there.

After correcting the problem underneath the surface, public works cored and repaved the street.

The fourth project undertaken by the city this summer was the painting of curbs and installation of a pair of ADA ramps. The two ramps were installed in the school zone, at Clackamas River Elementary, at Second Street and Currin Avenue, and one at the junior high, at Sixth Street and Main Street. That project was done in collaboration with the school district.

The sixth and final project of the summer was the installation of 1,500 new feet of sewer line at the mill.

“We upsized the pipe from 10-inches to 12, and then we realigned it over by the property line in the event the mill would ever sell it, so that it wouldn’t be cutting through the center of the property,” Seal said. “We also improved the grade to get some more flow.”

Fortunately for Seal, the busy summer is over and the upcoming project list seems to be slowing down a bit.

“We don’t have any future projects on the books,” he said. “We’re thinking about doing a small water main upgrade, but I’m going to have to check on that before I can do it. It has been a busy summer.”

For more information on the public works department, visit the city of Estacada’s website at cityofestacada.org.