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Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputies say a cause of death has not yet been determined for an Eagle Creek man whose body was found Saturday morning near his pickup, which had been driven off a road near his home and careened down a nearly 200-foot cliff.

The body of Kim Alan Beaudoin was found by a family friend off of Southeast Heiple Road. Deputies are hopeful that the cause of death, which will be determined Friday or Monday, will show the 58-year-old suffered a medical emergency before the accident.

Deputies have not yet been able to determine a reason why Beaudoin's Ford Ranger pickup went off the road.

When Beaudoin's wife returned home from work on Friday and discovered her husband wasn't home, she drove around searching for him. She informed friends that her husband had not returned home Friday night and called the Sheriff's Office around 2 a.m. Saturday.

Investigators have not been able to determine the exact time of the crash.

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