Meetings are every Friday afternoon in Estacada

by: NEWS PHOTO: SCOTT JORGENSEN - Juli Sampson operates her spinning wheel during one of the groups recent Friday afternoon gatherings. On most days, Betty Veveiros' CPA office in Estacada is fairly quiet, with only the occasional bit of foot traffic. Friday afternoons are different, though, as people start trickling in with spinning wheels in their arms.

The spinning group is somewhat of a tradition among its members. A similar group had been meeting for nearly eight years at the community center until one of its main organizers, Julie Owens, passed away.

It started back up last year, with meetings initially taking place at the library. A scheduling conflict prompted Veveiros to offer up some of the extra space in her business, and they've been meeting there ever since.

Though spinning has been around for hundreds of years, it started regaining popularity in the United States in the 1970s. Exotic fibers such as alpaca shearings started becoming more readily available and affordable in the late 1980s, further adding to the number of persons willing to engage in the hobby.

The group is always seeking new members, and has extra wheels, fibers and books available for anyone looking to become involved.

Many of its members also own looms for weaving. Some do charity knitting and others have had their work featured at the Spiral Gallery.

For more information about the group, call Veveiros at 503-630-2334.

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