Eagle Creek man sentenced to 35 years in prison

Eagle Creek resident Kenneth Arnold Cartlidge, 44, has been sentenced to 35 years in prison after pleading guilty to sex crimes.

Court documents pertaining to his case reveal a long, disturbing history of criminal activity.

Kenneth CartlidgeSentencing documents make it clear Cartlidge will serve every day of his 35-year sentence. Cartlidge was sentenced on Feb. 4.

“The defendant may not be considered by the executing or releasing authority for any form of reduction in sentence, temporary leave from custody, work release, or program of conditional or supervised release authorized by law for which the defendant is otherwise eligible at the time of sentencing,” the documents state.

Even though he will be almost 80 years old by the time his sentence is complete, Cartlidge will continue to be monitored after his release.

“The terms of post-prison supervision is life,” the documents state.

As part of his sentencing, Cartlidge must register as a sex offender upon his eventual release. He also has to submit a blood sample and thumbprint to the state and undergo testing for HIV and other diseases.

Cartlidge also owes just under $18,000 to the state. Most of that, around $16,000, is for attorney’s fees. The rest is in the form of other assessments.

Legal troubles for Cartlidge began on Sept. 17, 2011. Court documents state that a woman watched Cartlidge in the living room of a Sandy home touching a young girl and reported the incident to police that same day.

Cartlidge was then interviewed by police, and claimed that the girl’s pants fell down while they were wrestling. He was arrested immediately after the interview.

The wheels of justice began turning rapidly. Charges were filed against Cartlidge on Sept. 19, 2011, and he was arraigned that afternoon. A grand jury was convened and indicted Cartlidge on Sept. 29.

Attorney Leonard Kovac was originally appointed to represent Cartlidge after he was determined to be unable to afford his own legal counsel. Cartlidge requested a new attorney in November 2011, at which point David Viuhkola assumed that role.

On Jan. 3, 2012, the case took a new turn when Sgt. Ernie Roberts with the Sandy Police Department discovered there was another victim.

According to court documents, one of Cartlidge’s relatives disclosed to the mother of his victim in Sandy that she had been molested by him for 13 years. The abuse began when she was 7, and took place in Virginia. It then continued in New York and Eagle Creek.

That victim is now 19 years old.

Additional evidence was found on February 2012, when a memory card inside a camera led police to other victims. Police analyzed the card, and another grand jury was convened, resulting in an additional indictment and even more criminal charges.

Viuhkola requested a continuance on Aug. 20, 2012, asking for additional investigation into the case and to prepare for trial.

Clackamas County Deputy District Attorney Russell Amos, who prosecuted the case, had no objection to the request.

In that request for a continuance, Viuhkola revealed that Cartlidge had been involved in altercations with other inmates while awaiting trial.

“Additionally, Mr. Cartlidge has recently suffered injuries while at the Clackamas County Jail and it will be necessary for him to have time to heal so he can participate in his own defense,” Viuhkola wrote.

Court documents reveal that Cartlidge had four victims.

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