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Bees swarm a tree near Estacada Junior High School


Students kept inside during their lunch as a precaution

by: PHOTO: GARY LEWIS - Bees converge on a tree outside of the junior high school.Despite the sun and near-perfect weather, Estacada Junior High School students spent their lunch hour inside on Thursday, May 2.

Why? Bees.

“This afternoon a swarm of bees came over the junior high and settled in a large mass in one of the trees in front of the junior high school,” said Gary Lewis, Estacada High School vice principal and the school district operations manager.

The administration decided to keep the junior high students inside during their lunch hour as a precaution while a beekeeper removed the bees.

Lewis said the beekeeper removed “95 percent” of the bees in a 5-gallon bucket. “He’s going to take them home and put them in a hive at his place,” he said.

A few bees are still lingering around the tree — the junior high staff has been checking on it periodically.

Not to worry, though.

“We don’t think it’s a problem anymore,” Lewis said.