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Local organizations request financial support from the city


The Estacada City Budget Committee will have a tough time deciding amongst funding requests that total double the available amount

The leaders of several local organizations have requested help with funding through the city government, having taken those requests before the City Budget Committee on Tuesday, May 14.

Money awarded to the businesses will come from the general fund. Property taxes are the general fund’s main source.

Estacada Together

Jane Reid spoke on behalf of Estacada Together, a nonprofit organization that brings high-quality and diverse entertainment performances to the Estacada Auditorium. Tying in educational components to the performances and upgrading the auditorium also are top priorities of the organization.

Reid explained that it’s difficult for the organization to pursue these goals on ticket sales alone.

Estacada Together is requesting $1,000.

Estacada Development Association

Phil Lingelbach spoke for Estacada Development Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to revitalizing downtown.

The group is requesting $3,000. Of that amount, $2,500 would go to administrative costs and $500 to the construction of a bike rack.

“We really want to push cycling in Estacada,” Lingelbach said.

He pointed out that running and fishing are the only two recreational outlets that bring more money to Oregon than cycling.

Route 26 Cruisers

Nancy Horton of Route 26 Cruisers thanked the city for its support of the annual Cruise In.

She explained that the event raised $2,500 for the Estacada Food Bank last year.

Horton said that each year the event grows and new businesses take part.

Portable toilets are the event’s biggest expense, and the last few years it has been paid for out-of-pocket.

They are requesting $150 this year.

Estacada Farmers Market

Estacada Farmers Market President Skip Heberden requested $500 to help pay for entertainers at the weekly markets held Saturdays throughout the spring and summer in downtown Estacada.

“We’re doing everything we can to bring people downtown,” he said.

He explained that music helps draw curious people to the market.

However, it is difficult for the market to draw musicians to the market on what they can afford to pay them.

The market has as many as 12 paying vendors a week along with several nonprofit booths that aren’t charged. There’s room for 20 vendors, but the most the market has ever had is 17.

Community Events

Joanna Harbour spoke on behalf of the Estacada Area Community Events for the Timber Festival.

They are requesting $5,000 to go toward special events insurance.

In the past, the festival has held a child-friendly carnival which brought in about $5,000 in revenue. The carnival will not occur this year.

Harbour explained that this will be a “hard hit” for the festival.

Estacada Youth Soccer Association

Caroline Richards requested $100 for Estacada Youth Soccer Association to go toward uniforms, field maintenance and equipment.

The group hopes to acquire more funds through fundraisers and support from local businesses.


Laura Dishman of the Columbia-Willamette branch of the YMCA asked for $1,000 to help fund two summer camps.

Last year they held camps during the Summer Celebration and Fourth of July celebration.

They are hoping to expand the reach of the “Service Learning Camp” to incorporate park clean-ups.

“The whole point is teaching kids to have appreciation for things we have,” Dishman said.

Estacada Community Center

Bret Richards, chairman of the Estacada Community Center, requested $10,000 on behalf of the Meals On Wheels program.

The program spends about $18,000 on meals a year. Factoring in other expenses such as building overhead costs, the organizations’ expenditures total much more.

Seniors Alcohol Free All-night Celebration Time

Liz Davidson spoke for the nonprofit Seniors Alcohol Free All-night Celebration Time (S.A.F.A.C.T.) which is raising funds for an alcohol and drug free celebration for graduating Estacada High School seniors.

Davidson explained that there are 140 graduating seniors this year and that the organization is aiming to get 100 students to attend the safe event. She said 70 are signed up so far.

S.A.F.A.C.T is requesting $1,500.

Estacada Rural Fire District Volunteer Association

Jami Platz requested $1,700 on behalf of the Estacada Rural Fire District Volunteer Association. Platz explained that the association usually solicits donations from businesses to fund its largest event, the annual Easter egg hunt.

As businesses “are slammed” this year, the association hopes the city will provide financial support for the event.

About 750 children and their families attended this year.

The association spent $6,000 in plastic candy eggs.

Other groups

The Performing Arts Group of Estacada requested $1,000 and the Estacada Area Support Our Troops requested $640. Neither organization sent a representative to the meeting.

Time for a decision

As the meeting drew to a close, Budget Committee member and Chamber of Commerce Administrator Connie Redmond thanked everyone for coming and explained, “The amount that has been requested is about double what we have.”

She said that it will be difficult to determine how to allocate the funds.

“In my opinion, you’re all valid,” she said.

The committee members were given worksheets to fill out with their recommendations of how to allocate funds.

The members briefly discussed coming up with systems to determine how they would recommend funds.

Budget Committee member and City Councilor Curt Steininger shared the criteria he bases his recommendations off of.

“What is going to make the biggest impact on our community? What is going to touch the most people? And that’s where the money goes,” he said.

The allocation of funds will be determined at the next Budget Committee meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, May 28, at City Hall.

Last year, funds were awarded by taking an average of the members’ worksheet recommendations. City officials expect a similar process to occur this year, but it is up to the committee to decide on a process for awarding funds.