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Parents, teachers emphasize the need for a plan


The tone was civil and relatively calm at the School Budget and Board meetings on June 12.

School Board Chairman Mark Greene tried to coax speakers forward during the budget meeting to avoid sitting around and staring at each other until the Board Meeting’s start.

Clackamas River Elementary fourth grade teacher, Heather Mills, presented the board with a list of questions.

“As a district, we tend not to have a plan, all of my questions are geared toward a plan,” she said.

“Since there are still some unknowns with our overall budget picture, last month the question was asked what are the priorities of the district to fund cut programs and positions as additional money is available? (In the last month there has been no response to that question),” Mills wrote in her letter to the board.

Greene said that the board would like to answer the questions specifically, but “It’s really hard to talk about what-ifs.”

He also mentioned that he “thought the budget process and all the parental involvement was really good.”

Nicole Adamson mentioned that a group of parents had met after a recent School Board “rebranding” workshop.

While it seemed to her that the school board was geared toward a focus on charter schools, the parent group was more concerned with the overall direction of the district.

“The tone was ‘we want a plan,’ ” she said.

Parting school board member Steve Woods emphasized the need to increase enrollment.

“It’s a numbers game. It’s purely a numbers game,” he said alluding to the fact that funding for the school district is largely based on enrollment rates.

“You need to start selling and advertising and promoting Estacada,” he said.

He mentioned that the whole town came out for the Estacada High School graduation on June 8.

“You can’t get that kind of thing in a big city,” he said.

Teachers spoke of their nervousness at the 37-38 student fourth-grade class sizes predicted at Clackamas River Elementary for next year.

“It’s organized chaos is what it is,” said a former sixth-grade teacher. “It’s just not what’s best for the kids.”

During the board meeting, Greene thanked parting board members Tim Schultz and Steve Woods for their service to the district and stated that the new board members would be sworn in at the next board meeting.

In other business:

Darian Krieter, head of the PTA at Eagle Creek Elementary, told the audience that a new slide had been ordered for the school.

After fundraising efforts, the kids voted on their favorite play structure model- this one has two slides, a tire climber, activity panel and a stair unit.

The plan is to install the slide the weekend of Aug. 17.

High School Principal Scott Sullivan called this years’ seniors a unique bunch that “took care of each other and the community.”

He mentioned that the worst thing they did for their senior prank was block part of the parking lot, making sure to leave space for buses and emergency vehicles to pass.

“The kids were just very special,” he said. “It’s really a family or community that starts at kindergarten and goes until, I’ll be honest with you, until they’re Steve (Wood’s) age.”