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Library plans for the next five years


The City Council approved the Estacada Public Library’s five-year strategic plan during its meeting Monday, July 8.

The plan identifies goals and objectives for the library for the next five years.

Library Director Michele Kinnamon said the library hopes to better serve Estacada’s Spanish-speaking population.

To that end, the library will host a focus group with Spanish-speaking community members Thursday, Aug. 8.

“We’re hoping to hear from a robust group what they’d like to see in the library,” Kinnamon said.

That goes for everybody, though.

Kinnamon encourages people to call, email, talk or leave comments about what they’d like from the library.

She said she hopes local families will see the library as “a place to go to,” an alternative to sitting in front of the television.

She’s mulling the idea of having a “family story time” that harkens back to oral traditions through the generations. Maybe they’ll read folk tales.

Among Kinnamon’s other goals, she’d like for Estacada to have a Friends of the Library group.

She noted that the Estacada Public Library is the only one in Clackamas County that does not have a Friends of the Library organization.

Kinnamon thinks this may be due in part to the myriad volunteer opportunities in Estacada. The library is in competition for volunteers.

Changing technology is the hardest thing to plan for with the library’s five-year plan, she said.

“Computing is the number one thing that’s changed, and it’s going to keep on changing,” she said.

The Estacada Public Library is lucky enough to have the money to make computer purchases.

But it’s hard for the library’s leaders to predict which computers and devices will have the greatest longevity and use.

“It’s hard to anticipate what we should get,” Kinnamon said.

Nevertheless, the library has budgeted to purchase five computers in the coming year.

Copies of the strategic plan are available at the library’s information desk. It’s also available on the web: estacada.lib.or.us/about-us/mission-statement.

For more information or to leave a suggestion, call the library at 503-630-8273.