Without any signs of pregnancy, Donna Tenbush unsuspectingly gave birth to Angel Faith at home

Six-year-old Julia Tenbush presented her mother with a choice. For Christmas, she either wanted a cell phone or a younger sibling. In fact, she wasn't even concerned with whether it was a brother or sister.

Unfortunately for Julia, Christmas came and went without a younger sibling or a cell phone. Just one month later, however, a miracle happened.

Without ever showing signs of being pregnant, Julia's mother, Donna, unexpectedly went into labor and gave birth to a child, Angel Faith Tenbush, on the floor of her home. The good news is that both Donna and Angel are perfectly healthy.

Two weeks ago Donna, 26, got the sense that she might have gotten pregnant recently and took a pregnancy test. When the results came back positive, she wanted to double check. The second test, however, came back negative, so she didn't think anything of it.

Sunday, Jan. 22, began just like every other Sunday for Donna. She woke up and started getting things ready for her kids, Alea, 9, and Julia in her parents' house, where she lives.

At 11 a.m., Donna began to experience cramps that were much worse than normal, so she called a friend of hers, Samantha Sample, who is a nurse.

'When she got there, I was cramping up even worse, so she had me lay down in the hallway,' Donna said. 'When she began to see what was happening, I was bleeding pretty badly and then she realized I was having a baby. She told me to push a couple of times, and once the baby was born, she wrapped her up and clamped the umbilical cord.

'It was a very, very quick process.'

While all of this was happening, Donna's father took her kids into another part of the house and called 9-1-1.

'He took my kids outside so that they couldn't see anything,' she said. 'They were really scared, and they thought I was dying.'

Just after the baby was born, EMTs arrived at the house, but things began blur for Donna from there.

'I was going in and out of consciousness because of all the blood lost,' she said. 'The baby even turned purple for a moment, but everything went back to normal just before the paramedics arrived. When they came, they examined me and realized I was losing oxygen, so I don't really remember anything between then and when I got to the hospital.'

'It was scary,' said Donna's father, Frank. 'Very scary and just extremely overwhelming.'

After being placed into the back of an ambulance, Donna was taken by Life Flight to a local hospital, where she and her baby spent two days recovering. Both were released Tuesday, Jan. 24.

'The doctors are as shocked as I am,' she said. 'When I went in, they thought I was three or four months into the pregnancy, but when they saw the baby they realized that it was a full-term pregnancy. I didn't gain any weight, and I just had my normal cycle as recently as two weeks ago.'

Once reunited with her baby in the hospital, Donna got a visit from her boyfriend, who is the child's father, who came bearing the gift of a large, ceramic angel.

'That's when it hit her,' Frank said. 'My daughter said, 'That's her name, Angel!''

With Angel back at home with her entire family, things have only started to settle down for the Tenbushs. While they are all thrilled with the new addition to the family, it's clear that they were far from prepared.

'I wasn't prepared to have another baby,' Donna said. 'I was at least going to wait for another five years, but I know my daughter said she wanted another brother or sister, and I guess they got their Christmas wish.'

For Frank, the surprise is similar.

'Most people have nine months to prepare,' he said. 'I had five minutes.'

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