Local deli does a little bit of everything
by: Jeff Spiegel The Currinsville Deli is located at 28424 S.E Eagle Creek Rd in Estacada.

While most restaurants and stores in town set out to do one thing and do it well, Currinsville Deli couldn't be more different. After filling a vacant space that used to be a little market, the Currinsville Deli tried a new approach.

'Little stores just don't make it,' owner Aaron Alexander said. 'We just didn't have the floor space or shelving to compete with a Fred Meyer within 10 miles. Our idea was to have a store, tavern, deli and bakery to combine a lot of little things.

'We're not like anyone else around,' he said.

After opening its doors a few months ago, the store has been under constant change. This week, however, the store is finally complete, with a hot-plate area putting the finishing touches on the new space.

In the mornings, the deli is typically busy with people ordering their homemade biscuits and gravy, which may be their most popular item.

'You can really tell the difference between ours and the powdered stuff,' he said.

While I was visiting, the biscuits and gravy were what I tried, and they definitely were worth it.

The gravy comes from an old family recipe that features country sausage chunks throughout, completely smothering a pretty large biscuit. And that was just the half-order.

While breakfast is served al day, the lunch menu revolves around sandwiches, which are piled high with meat and toppings. For a sandwich, chips and a drink, the cost is just $6.50.

But as Alexander mentioned, fresh food is just part of what they do. Right next to the deli counter is a bar with a couple different beers on tap and that eventually gives way to the new lottery room.

'There are all these little profit centers,' he said. 'Our intention was never to be a gambling parlor, it's just one leg of the thing.'

Fortunately for Alexander, with all of the things they are doing, the reception from locals has been great.

In fact, some locals have taken a bit of ownership and pride in the recently re-opened store.

'We did have one person try and break in with a file in the door and a brick, but the brick didn't even go through the glass,' Alexander said. 'When we told one gentleman who lives a mile-and-a-half from here what happened, he came out the next three nights and sat in front of the store until 2 a.m. because he wasn't going to let that happen to 'his store.' '

Now that things are picking up, Alexander is going to start firing up his favorite part of the kitchen: a chicken broaster.

'We want what we like to eat,' he joked.

Among the other personal favorites on the menu are French coffeecake and Aaron's own warm tapioca.

The Currinsville Deli is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day, but with the recently added lottery, they are considering extending their hours.

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