Proposal includes major changes across Portland, but in Estacada only one schedule stop is removed

With the initial proposal finally presented to the public today, TriMet announced all of their ideas for offsetting the budget shortfall.

Among the major changes proposed are eliminating the free rail zone in downtown Portland, simplifying and increasing fare prices and cutting low-ridership bus routes.

In Estacada, where bus line 30 is the only form of transportation that most people use, the news is mostly good.

The only change that is proposed for line 30 is to remove a 6:30 p.m. stop at the corner of S.E. 4th and Main.

"People had really strong preferences not to cut bus lines," TriMet marketing manager Pam Wilson said. "I'm thinking it looks pretty good for Estacada at this point, but it's not over until it's over."

For those who do ride the bus, the other major change of note is a 10 cent increase in fare price in each direction. Instead of the fare price depending on how far a person is travelling, it will now be a simple $2.50 fare in each direction. That fare, however, is no longer good for a certain period of time, but instead is good for a one-way trip.

For more information on all of the proposed changes, visit

There will be a series of four town hall meetings regarding the proposal, and all of that information is on TriMet's website as well.

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