The afternoon took a scary turn when a bull turned on his handler Friday, Oct. 4.

Robert Sullivan noticed three cows in the backyard of his property on Cadonau Road just south of downtown Estacada.

Sullivan warned his neighbor that a fence had been broken.

The neighbor went to move a bull he’d rented to breed with his cows to a pasture with a secure fence.

It was then, Sullivan said, when the bull must have attacked him.

Sullivan heard his neighbor calling for help.

Despite having knee surgery earlier in the week, Sullivan rushed to his neighbor’s aid with only his cane to fend off the bull.

At some point, Sullivan recalls grabbing the bull’s horns in an attempt to pull him away from his neighbor.

Sullivan was thrown to the ground.

Sullivan said his neighbor later told him the bull had tossed Sullivan into the air.

It was the neighbor’s turn to try to save Sullivan from the bull.

Eventually he was able to use Sullivan’s cane to stop the bull from attacking Sullivan.

The neighbor was taken to a hospital, where he stayed overnight.

“He’s going to be OK — he’s just got a lot of bruises and contusions,” Sullivan said of his neighbor.

Sullivan said his neighbor recently brought him a thank you card for his help.

Sullivan thinks he might have received a cracked or broken rib from the bull’s attack.

“I’m still sore. I had surgery on my knee on Monday and I had to take off running when (my neighbor) needed help,” he said.

As for the bull, Sullivan said he’d been returned to the leaser.

Sullivan said the bull had seemed fine at other times, “but you never know with a wild animal.”

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