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Harvest Market launches Pumpkin Buck$ program


by: ISABEL GAUTSCHI - Store Director Mike Schuh stands before 4 tons of pumpkins at the Estacada Harvest Market. All of the October sale profits from these pumpkins will be donated to the Estacada School District.

So you want to support your school.

You could bring an apple to your teacher ... or you could bring a pumpkin.

This year, the Estacada Harvest Market is donating 100 percent of its profits from October pumpkin sales to the Estacada School District while supplies last.

The store has 4 tons of pumpkins ready to go.

Since last year the business sold at least that many pumpkins, store director Mike Schuh is looking forward to writing a large check to the Estacada School District.

“I’m hoping we raise a lot of money,” Schuh said.

Schuh said Harvest Market is involved in several charity projects in the community.

He said the store’s main charitable focus is to support the schools and the Estacada Area Food Bank.