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Public restroom vandalization is an ongoing issue


Vandalism to the city’s public restrooms is an ongoing problem, said Tom Seal, director of public works for the city of Estacada.

Sometime during the night of Sunday, Dec. 22, or the wee hours of Monday, Dec. 23, unknown vandals kicked in the door vent of the men’s restroom in the Estacada Portal.

The mischief makers climbed through the vent, plugged the toilet and attempted to pry off the door locks.

The damage ran the city about $600 in repairs, Seal estimated.

The new public restroom in City Hall, which is not yet even open, was vandalized a couple weeks ago too, according to Seal.

The door frame was damaged and will cost about $300 to repair, he said.

The restroom won’t be open until the repairs have been made.

Though city officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new restroom on Halloween, it has not yet been open to the public.

Vandalism at the Wade Creek Park restrooms also has been an ongoing problem, but they’ve been closed recently due to the cold weather.

As for preventive measures, Seal said there are cameras at Wade Creek Park, but obviously no cameras inside the restroom.

“They’d probably frown on that,” he said with a laugh.

When asked whether vandalism to city property in general has been a problem, Seal said the problem seems to be focused on the public restrooms.