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City leaders share resolutions


We are a week and a half into 2014 — how are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions?

My resolution to drink less coffee is unfortunately not off to a good start.

We asked some city leaders if they had made any New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s what they had to say:

Michele Kinnamon

Estacada Public Library director

“For 2014 one of the library’s New Year’s Resolutions is to keep moving ahead with the formation of our Estacada Library Friends group. We are already off to an exciting start, with our first meeting in October attracting more than 20 interested community members. The group presented its first “Cider in the Stacks” event in December and is continuing efforts to formally organize.”

Jane Reid

Estacada Area Arts Commission chairwoman

“My New Year’s Resolution for the city is that we continue to recognize and celebrate the wonderful potential of our unique little town on a beautiful river next to an amazing forest and filled with interesting people."

Bill Elliott

Estacada city manager

“As you know by now, I don’t do the work of providing the services to our citizens. I am just the conduit through which the desires of the city council are directed to the hard-working staff who carry out the day-to-day-functions that keep the city running. My role is to help direct the city’s resources to the appropriate departments by providing the proper tools, equipment and personnel to allow them to get the work done in the best and most cost efficient manner.

To that end, my resolution for 2014 is as follows:

To support our excellent city staff in providing the best services possible for our citizens in 2014 including, but not limited to:

  • Providing safe drinking water directly to your homes;
  • Collecting and disposing of your sewage appropriately;
  • Maintaining our streets and alleys as finances allow;
  • Providing excellent police service to residents and businesses;
  • Accounting for and protecting all city assets from risk of loss;
  • Providing a quality library as a gathering place to explore our world, past, present, and future;
  • Pursuing new business opportunities while supporting existing businesses in Estacada;
  • Supporting your elected officials in the wise use of the assets entrusted us by our citizens; and,
  • Maintaining open communication and transparency in all city business with our citizens.”
  • Michele Conditt

    Estacada city councilor

    “My resolutions for the city — go out in style. This will be my last year serving the city of Estacada (12 years). I want to give at least one government 101 class. On a personal note, I am swearing off grains and sugar and going to try a paleo/whole food kind of eating. Wish me luck! I am a recovering chocoholic and never turn down good bread.”

    Sean Drinkwine

    Estacada city councilor

    “This councilor has gotten too fat...need to lose a few pounds. My other New Year’s resolution is to help the Estacada business community prosper in 2014.”

    Dan Draper

    Eagle Creek Elementary principal

    “1. Continue to work with our community to apply for grants that will bring additional resources and staff to our district.

    2. Continue to explore ways to infuse instructional technology into our schools.

    3. Continue to build our after school enrichment programs (STEAM).

    4. Continue to work with area preschools, childcare providers, and parents on P-3 alignment to ensure that students are kindergarten-ready and reading at grade level by 3rd grade.

    5. Continue to work on community service projects that benefit both the schools and the community.

    6. Continue to facilitate increased communication between our schools and the community through Time for Parents, the District newsletter, the District website, and Twitter (@esd108).”

    Bob Morrisey

    Fire Chief, Estacada Fire District

    “1. To support our mission by continuing to serve our community by providing quality fire and life safety services.

    2. To support our vision by working to become a premier agency and model within the fire service by treating people with dignity and respect; being good stewards of the District’s resources; making data driven decisions; embracing change, and providing relevant and technologically advanced training.”