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by: ISABEL GAUTSCHI - Clackamas River Elementary students show off some of the school's new iPad minis. Students holding iPads include, from left, fourth-grader Katey Carpenter, fourth-grader Ella Gach, sixth-grader Tieran Silver, first-grader Aiden Dolan and sixth-grader Sidnee Keller.Thanks to the Clackamas River Elementary School PTA’s fundraising efforts, 20 iPad minis have been awarded to the school’s classrooms.

Students were presented with the iPad minis during an assembly on Monday, Jan. 13.

The Estacada School District’s December newsletter celebrated the PTA’s new fundraising policies.

It explained that in the past, the PTA usually fundraised through selling cookie dough or wrapping paper.

With these fundraisers, the company that supplied the product would get a cut of the sales.

This year, the district newsletter explained, the Clackamas River Elementary introduced the “Take the Bait” No Stuff Fundraiser.

All of the money raised by the students went back to Clackamas River Elementary.

Donors had the option of getting tax-deductible receipts for their contributions.

Clackamas River Elementary Principal Seth Johnson said funds for the iPad minis came mostly from this fundraiser.

Johnson said that it is the school’s goal to get an iPad mini into “every single classroom” and then continue to add more.

Earlier this year, The Estacada Area Literary Foundation granted $5,580 to teacher Joan Lawrence for the purchase of 20 iPad minis for Clackamas River Elementary’s third-grade classrooms.

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