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by: ISABEL GAUTSCHI - Judy Beaudoin reads from her memoir 'Boxed Wine at Sunset.'Author Judy Beaudoin took Estacada on a literary trip to the South Pacific during her reading of her memoir, “Boxed Wine at Sunset,” on Thursday, March 20.

Beaudoin had the crowd chuckling, exclaiming and otherwise hanging on her every word as they fittingly sipped boxed wine at sunset.

The memoir follows Beaudoin and her husband as they see their kids off to college, sell their home and cars and travel to the South Pacific country of Vanuatu with the Peace Corps.

Beaudoin said she used a different writing device for each chapter.

“I tried to tell stories in a different format each day,” she said.

One chapter might describe the Vanuatu experience in terms of color, another with an alphabet game: “K” is for kava, “L” is for lap lap and so on.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.com or for checkout at the Estacada Public Library — though there is a waiting list for it at the moment.

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