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Garden business opens just in time for spring season

Old Farmhouse Garden Center takes over MacGregor's spot
by: Jeff Spiegel The Old Farmhouse Garden Center offers a wide variety of flowers.

No longer competition, the Old Farmhouse Garden Center has moved into the spot that MacGregor's Garden Center occupied for nearly 30 years.

With her farm less than two miles away, Phyllis Brinkley is excited to move into a much bigger location at the corner of Highway 224 and Eli Road.

On the farm just up the road, Brinkley grows almost all of the plants that will be for sale at the Old Farmhouse Garden Center.

"We carry a lot of different things," she said, "100 varieties of ornamental grasses, some shrubs, flowering trees and a lot of food products like berries and grapes."

While the gardening supplies are the primary product offered, Brinkley plans to offer other things her customers might crave. She'll also offer small pet food and home brewing supplies in addition to her dream of a new produce stand.

"We're trying to encourage local growers to bring things in so that we can have a lot more selection than just what we grow here," she said. "We're just hoping to be an all-purpose garden center for anything the community needs."

In addition to fertilizers and soils, other unique plants that will be offered include jasmine and Himalayan honeysuckles.

"When we can propagate it ourselves, it makes it a lot more affordable," Brinkley said.

To help her with the 36-acre farm and new garden center, Brinkley has her daughters, Wendy Dauenhauer and Sarah Brinkley, as well as her husband Duncan.

"We're going to be open year-round and will have other things than just annual flowers," she said.

The Old Farmhouse Garden Center officially will open during the first week of April.