Grace Places hosts antique appraisal show in Estacada; participants bring a variety of items.

ESTACADA NEWS PHOTO: EMILY LINDSTRAND - Antique appraiser Karen Stockton discusses a musical perfume bottle brought to a show at Grace Place last week by Thomas Cherry. The bottle belonged to Cherrys great grandmother.

A musical perfume bottle and a bronze social security card might not seem like they have much in common, but they were both items at an antique show at Grace Place last week.

The show featured appraiser Karen Stockton of Bend who travels the Pacific Northwest bringing her deep knowledge of antiques and their value to expo events, such as the one at Grace Place on Thursday, June 1.

Both Grace Place residents and other community members brought a variety of items in for appraisal. About 30 people attended the event. Some items brought to the show were family heirlooms, and others had been discovered in places like storage units. Depending on the person's interest, Stockton provided either the item's market or insurance value.

Thomas Cherry brought a musical perfume bottle that had belonged to his great grandmother.

"Some of my first childhood memories are having my mother wind that up and play it for me," Cherry said. "(It) would entertain me for hours on end."

Cherry noted that he's never known anybody who was able to identify the soothing melody that the bottle plays, and this didn't change at the recent antique event. All attendees tried to place the song, but no one could.

Stockton estimated the market value of the piece was in the high 100s.

As for the bronze security card, which one participant had previously found on the street, Stockton estimated that it was from the 1920s and had no market value, since the item was of questionable legality to sell.

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