The wooden logger statue and the Sasquatch statue in front of the former Mike's Second Hand store will move to Timber Park later this summer

ESTACADA NEWS PHOTO: EMILY LINDSTRAND - The logger statue, presently located in front of Estacada City Hall, will be moved to Timber Park later this summer.There soon will be a new pair of roommates in town.

The wooden logger statue in front of Estacada City Hall and the Sasquatch statue in front of the former Mike's Second Hand Store — warning shoplifters they would be eaten — will both move to Timber Park later this summer.

Estacada City Manager Denise Carey said the logger will be moved to accommodate the next phase of the Station Cycling Plaza, which will include picnic benches outside of City Hall and next to the plaza's previous installments.

"(The next phase) hasn't been approved by the council yet. It's in development," Carey said. "The plans don't include the logger being there."

As for Sasquatch, he was given to the city by Mike Doolittle of the long-running Mike's Second Hand store, which closed in 2015.

"(Mike) said he would like (Sasquatch) to be somewhere where he wouldn't have to go away," Carey said, noting that the city inherited the statue several weeks ago.

So Sasquatch, located at the city's shop building for the moment, will later relocate to Timber Park along with the logger.

Several elements must be determined before the pair move to their new digs, such as determining the specific location at Timber Park they will inhabit, and repairing the bottom of both statues, which have become worn out.

Carey added that both of them "still have a place in our hearts" but will simply be in new locations. She thinks it's fitting that they move to Timber Park, where Estacada's logging heritage is celebrated every summer with the Timber Festival.

"(It's exciting that) they're moving and will be fixed, and we'll still have them," Carey said. "They're both a piece of history for Estacada."

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