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Estacada city council announces 2016 goals

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - The city's new logo was unveiled on Facebook on Monday Feb. 8.

City leadership hopes to focus on increased communication during the coming year.

At a workshop last month, the Estacada City Council laid out goals for 2016, including the creation of the city’s first strategic plan.

“This town is already great, and the council is really striving to make it better than it already is,” said city manager Denise Carey.

The council is in the process of implementing the recently completed logo for the city, part of the new branding effort for Estacada. The new logo, which was unveiled on Facebook on Feb. 8, is already in use on city letterhead and business cards. The city will soon send the logo to other local groups.

In addition to the new branding and marketing efforts, the city’s website will be revamped later this year. The update will include the city’s new logo and resources for local economic development, potentially including an online job board.

Carey also noted that the city is being more intentional about community engagement with a new quarterly newsletter, in addition to more extensive use of its Facebook page.

“We’re really highlighting social media to get the word out,” Carey said. “That’s where everyone’s looking nowadays. And we’re sending a quarterly newsletter (with the utility bill) to make sure we reach everyone.”

The city will soon hire a consultant to help develop the strategic plan. Additionally, city leaders will host public workshops to gather input on priorities from community members and local businesses for the plan.

“I hope we have a chamber full of people (at the public workshops),” Carey said.

The plan will lay out goals for the next five years and allow the city to budget for both higher and lower priorities.

“It will be great to the staff to look at that for the next five years, and to know exactly where he community wants us to be,” Carey said.

A consultant will be hired to help develop the plan sometime after March.

“(The plan is) really the catalyst for everything else,” Carey said.

Carey said the city hopes to know which goals it will move forward with first by July, the beginning of the new budget year.

A complete list of goals is available at www.cityofestacada.org