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Estacada leaders may consider revision of logo

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - Estacada's branding committee worked with Creative Company in McMinnville to develop the citys new logo. The logo has been mixed reviews from citizens, and mayor Brent Dodrill says it might be slightly altered in the future.

Estacada residents recently had the opportunity to get the inside scoop on the city’s logo and branding materials, and one thing they found out is that the logo may be altered.

At a Thursday, March 10, gathering at The Mossy Rock, 398 Broadway St., Mayor Brent Dodrill said he is open to the possibility of changing the logo slightly. Since the logo was unveiled last month, many have said the word “Estacada” looks crossed out by the Clackamas River.

“I don’t want (the change) to be a knee-jerk reaction, so I don’t have a timeline on that,” Dodrill said.

Dodrill and City Manager Denise Carey also discussed additional marketing materials created during the year-long branding process.

The branding committee worked with Creative Company in McMinnville for a

total $19,800 to develop the city’s logo and statements about who will enjoy Estacada, what visitors and residents will find in Estacada and what makes Estacada unique.

“It’s an untamed, choose-your-own-adventure place with acres and acres of forest and miles and miles of river right here,” the brand’s value proposition reads. “A bit quirky, definitely different, and certainly unforgettable.”

The branding also includes three key messaging statements that celebrate the city’s proximity to the Mount Hood National Forest and the Clackamas River, and its vibrant art community.

“When we present ourselves, we can use these messages to be consistent in our marketing,” Dodrill explained.

The logo and branding materials are available for use by businesses and other organizations in the city.

DeDe Brittle, co-owner of The Mason Jar at 360 Broadway St., plans to use the descriptions on the café’s website.

“We get a lot of tourists, so I think it will be a positive thing to associate ourselves with the city,” she said.

In order to help groups integrate the branding into their organizations, the city will soon launch its branding project grant program.

Both nonprofit and for-profit organizations are eligible to apply, and funds will be awarded July 1.

The city has budgeted approximately $5,000 to be divided among the grant winners.

Applications will be available on the city’s website, www.cityofestacada.org, on Monday, March 21 and are due by 4 p.m. Wednesday, April 20.

The city encourages organizations to use the logo and key messaging on websites, welcome letters or T-shirts. The materials can also be used to create public art projects.

“I’d like to see the community capture this, and really get it out there,” Dodrill said.