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Get & Go promotes giving

One Estacada market is striving to be more than a convenience store.

During the month of November, Get & Go collected funds to support middle school students planning to go to Outdoor School. The store is also sponsoring a clothing drive for children during December.

Get & Go employee Esther Cummings was inspired by her own memories of Outdoor School to raise money for students.

“Twenty one years later, I still have the fondest memories of Outdoor School,” she said. “I have a student in the sixth grade, and I know not everyone can afford the cost. I was compelled to help.”

The cost per student will be $100. The middle school received several grants that lowered the initial cost.

Throughout the month, there was a donation jar for Outdoor School at the check-out counter.

Jay Chun, co-owner of Get & Go, was happy to see the amounts of money that were being given.

“People weren’t just putting in pennies, they gave $20 bills,” he said.

Chun estimates the final total to be at least several hundred dollars.

“Our goal is to help at least one kid go,” he said. “I think the whole experience of Outdoor School will be really great for the kids.”

Get & Go will continue its efforts to help the community with a children’s clothing drive through Dec. 22. The drive is named for Shirley Burke, with whom Chun serves on the Parks and Recreation commission.

“She’s done so much for the kids, and for the community,” he said. “She helps kids, she’s humble and she doesn’t ask for anything in return.”

In particular, Chun praised Burke’s efforts with the Wade Creek Skate Park project.

He sees the clothing drive as an extension of Burke’s efforts to help the community’s youths.

“The clothes will go to kids in need,” Chun said. “I see a lot of underprivileged kids, and my heart goes out them. We wanted to do something to help. We’re asking for new clothing, so that the kids can have something nice, and new.”

Clothes can be dropped off at Get & Go, 346 S.E. Highway 224, until Dec. 22. They’ll be delivered to the recipients in time for Christmas.

Chun hopes to organize more fundraisers in the future.

“We want to be a store that supports the neighborhood,” he said. “We want to do whatever we can. We’re all about being a neighborhood hub.”