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Estacada: Parent club facilitates communication

Estacada High School’s parent club strives to improve communication with all of the school’s families.

The group has met monthly since September of this year. Ryan Carpenter, principal of the high school, wanted to create an organization that enabled parents to become partners in the learning process.

“As we went through our strategic plan, we noticed several areas that we needed to improve on, including communication with parents,” Carpenter said. “In spite of the different avenues of communication we have now, we’re not reaching everybody, so we’re trying to improve that.”

Carpenter noted how statistics show that about 70 percent of a child’s life occurs at home or with family, which is why facilitating this conversation is important.

“We as a school are really only a part of 30 percent of their lives,” Carpenter said. “As we continue to educate our kids and make them more college and career ready, we hope to team up more with parents.”

In addition to ways of better facilitating communication, the club has also discussed school safety and ways the increase student voice.

At their last meeting, the group discussed the results of surveys students were given about their voice at the high school.

“We did focus groups with the parent club,” Carpenter said. “It’s important to us to get the parents’ perspective as to why their kids feel the way that they do.”

Carpenter sees the group’s role expanding in the future.

“I see it expanding in the future, absolutely. We’re trying to get as many people as possible. I think we’ll achieve that as the word starts to get out about this group,” he said. “We would also like to start presenting curriculum decisions to the group. We want them to start weighing in on those decision processes.”