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City hires Moody as code enforcement officer

Estacada will soon have a new code enforcement officer.

Kevin Moody of the Sandy Police Department will take on duties in Estacada beginning on Monday, Aug. 1.

Estacada’s previous code enforcement officer, Ron Smith, retired in March.

Moody has been the code enforcement officer in Sandy for 10 years and has spent 14 years total with the Sandy Police Department. He will divide his time between Sandy and Estacada, working 17 hours per week at the latter.

“I’m looking forward to the new challenge,” he said.

Moody said he typically doesn’t issue citations when he first finds a violation. Instead, he’ll share what the code is and the reasoning behind it.

“I like to start with education,” he said. “After that, depending on how fast they move, I’ll give them another reminder or issue a citation.”

Moody believes code enforcement is valuable for keeping a city safe.

“A lot of times, if an area looks nice, that can help in reducing crime,” he said.

He compared a city’s code enforcement officer to the position of a health inspector.

“If things aren’t nice and tidy, that can attract rats, which can bring in disease,” he said.

Moody is eager to start the job in Estacada.

“I’m looking forward to getting things back to speed and moving forward with (the city’s) code,” he said.

Melanie Wagner, assistant to the city manager, said city staff are looking forward to working with Moody.

“We think it will work really well, since he’s a member of the Sandy Police department and can work closely with the other (Sandy police) officers in town if need be,” Wagner said.

The city’s code is available for residents to view at www.cityofestacada.org.

“We really want to get the word out about the code, and help people be good neighbors,” Wagner said. “That’s really what the code is there for.”

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