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Mayor, county take a stand against domestic violence

Mayor Brent Dodrill signed a proclamation declaring October as domestic violence awareness month in Estacada.

“The issue of domestic violence needs to be highlighted and brought to people’s attention,” Dodrill said.

The proclamation was signed at the City Council meeting on Monday, Oct. 12. It urges citizens to further their awareness of domestic violence and support efforts to end this type of abuse.

“The crime of domestic violence violates an individual’s privacy and dignity, security and humanity,” the proclamation states.

The proclamation — part of Clackamas County’s efforts to raise awareness of domestic violence-related problems — noted that as a result of domestic violence, 20,000 adults, 1,500 teens and nearly 2,000 children in Oregon utilized services such as hospital accompaniment and support groups in 2014.

“Domestic violence is something that happens in Estacada and other communities,” Dodrill said. “Right now we have the purple lights up downtown to help highlight the problem and hopefully bring about solutions.”

In 2013, the county received a grant that brought several services to Estacada, including a counseling office, counseling home visits and a support group. Empowerment classes and additional opportunities for counseling are available in Oregon City.

Dodrill advised anyone who may be experiencing domestic violence to seek help.

“Don’t keep it in the dark,” he said. “Find help and resources, whether it’s through friends, churches or the county. It’s often a hidden issue — there’s often a lot of shame and fear around it, but it needs to be out in the open.”