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Estacada voters to decide on parcel annexation this spring

In May, Estacada residents will vote whether or not to annex a .98-acre parcel of land into city limits.

The vacant property is located 700 feet west of the intersection of Southeast Darrow Road and Southeast Reagan Hill Road.

At its Dec. 14 meeting, the Estacada City Council unanimously approved the Planning Commission’s recommendation to send the annexation proposal to a citizen vote.

Steve Scott, the prior owner of the property who applied for annexation, said the annexation is necessary as there is no septic system on the property. Because the property is located within 300 feet of city services, the Department of Environmental Quality will not provide one. State law requires connecting to the municipal sanitary sewer if the nearest connection point is within 300 feet.

In order to be considered for annexation, a property must be contiguous to existing city limits and located within the city’s urban growth boundary.

Scott recently sold the property. The sale went through on Jan. 4.

If the property had not sold, Scott planned to develop it into an affordable housing subdivision, saying he felt there was a need for it in Estacada. If the property is still developed into a subdivision, Scott estimates it will be able to be divided into five or six lots.

Scott believes the property will now be developed into a subdivision or a single-family home.

He is confident about the future of the property and the upcoming vote for annexation.

“I feel fine (about the vote),” he said. “If I were still building it, I wouldn’t be concerned. It’s small, and it’s right on the edge of the city.”