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Estacada school district unveils new logo

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - The school district worked with Creative Company, the same organization the city worked with to create their new branding materials, to develop their new logo.

The Estacada School District is in the process of rolling out a new logo and branding materials.

The branding was unveiled at the April 13 school board meeting and includes a logo and mission statement banner. District leaders worked with Creative Company, the same organization the city contracted to create the branding materials they unveiled earlier this year.

The district began the creative process last summer. One of the goals outlined in the district’s strategic plan was improving communication by developing a concise and clearly stated message that represents their vision.

“We wanted to create a message that focused on our outcomes and visions,” said Cynthia Rathbun, the district’s technology coordinator.

The district’s mission statement addresses the district’s focus on student achievement, stating that, “Our mission is to equip every student with the skills necessary to be competent, resourceful and successful.”

The district’s new logo, which will be used on business cards and letterhead, features “Estacada School District” and “inspire, engage, achieve” underneath the design.

Rathbun believes the logo’s tagline emphasizes the district’s dedication to student achievement.

“(Aspire, engage and achieve) are action words,” Rathbun said. “They do things.”

Similar to the city’s new logo, the logo features the word “Estacada” with the Clackamas River running through it.

District leaders appreciate the visible connection to the city.

“I love the connection to the community,” Rathbun said. “(While we were planning) we wanted to have that connection.”

Scott Sullivan, director of curriculum, assessment and instruction for the school district, feels similarly.

“I think (the new logo) will cause people to look at things in more detail, and see that the community works together,” he said. “I hope it inspires them to look deeper into our schools and community.”

He believes it’s important to acknowledge the connection between the city and the school district.

“To an extent, whatever the city does affects us, and whatever we do affects the city,” he said.

Rathbun appreciates the unity the branding materials provide.

“We’re saying we’re all in this together,” Rathbun said. “We’re saying that we’re all Estacada.”

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