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A portrait of Summer

ESTACADA NEWS PHOTO: EMILY LINDSTRAND - Noah Cotter, the Artback artist who designed the 2016 Celtic World Mural, adds color to the design.Estacada’s latest mural celebrates the connectivity of all people, a theme that extended to this year’s Summer Celebration.

Folks of all ages gathered on Broadway Street for live music on Thursday and Friday, July 21-22, and for an art fair, crafts and numerous live performances on Saturday, July 23.

Estacada’s Summer Celebration was established in 2000 to commemorate the weekend that the Artback Artists Cooperative painted a mural in the city.

Since the first mural was painted 21 years ago, the art has continued to decorate downtown Estacada. Several years ago, Artback decided to intersperse the creation of a new mural with the renovation of an older work to celebrate the town’s history.

This year, Noah Cotter led the group in painting a new mural, “The Celtic World,” at 367 S.E. Main St. The design draws from influences across the ancient world and features a heart, infinity sign and two people holding up a natural scene with a tree.

Cotter chose the design to celebrate “universal love and the connections between humans and the planet.”

Because of the divisiveness often found in today’s world, Cotter wanted to make “something really universal.”

As Artback members painted the mural, crowds gathered on Broadway Street to celebrate all forms of the arts.

Live music from multiple artists and laughter as audiences delighted at the antics of Circus Cascadia provided a soundtrack as participants explored all that Summer Celebration had to offer.

Children enjoyed face painting, balloon animals and a multitude of craft projects.

Artist Nina Bradford led anyone interested in helping create a giant paper mache chicken. It’s a longstanding Summer Celebration tradition for an artist to create a puppet for the event, but this was the first year audiences could become involved with the process.

“A chicken is something everyone can identify with,” said Bradford, explaining the origins of the puppet, who was named Ella. “Chickens are such a part of country life. It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young. Everyone can identify with it.”

Once she was complete, Ella joined the puppets from Summer Celebrations of years past in overlooking a labyrinth on Broadway Street that local volunteers designed and decorated on Saturday.

Katinka Bryk, one of the labyrinth’s collaborators, used the opportunity to commemorate recently deceased artists. ESTACADA NEWS PHOTO: EMILY LINDSTRAND - During the 2016 Summer Celebration, members of Circus Cascadia delighted audiences with their mischievous antics.

“I’ve got ‘Purple Rain’ over here, for Prince,” she said.

Nearby, participants of all ages walked through the art fair and silent auction.

Phil Lingelbach has displayed his wood-carved art in the festival’s art fair since the celebration’s earliest days. He believes the Summer Celebration gives artists a unique advantage.

“I have my work displayed in the [Spiral] gallery, but I don’t always get to talk to people who buy things,” he said. “This has the opportunity for lots of interactive feedback.”

In particular, Lingelbach enjoyed explaining the story behind one of the pieces he had on display, a Welsh love spoon.

“In ancient Wales, they would be given to a young woman by her suitor,” he said.

Lingelbach looks forward to Summer Celebration every year.

It’s a great chance to see people I haven’t seen in awhile,” he said.

Across the street at the Spiral Gallery’s booth, Annette Reisbick shared the sentiment.

“I love seeing all of the people along the street,” she said as she sat in the booth, demonstrating how to make dryer balls and catnip balls to anyone interested. “I love talking to them, and seeing their excitement.”

Nearby, Orchestracada and members of the Estacada Skip-a-week quilt club engaged with audiences in the Mason Jar, and Skip-a-week club hosted its annual quilt show at Estacada First Baptist Church.

“(Summer Celebration) is always a lot of fun,” Lingelbach said. “It’s a great chance to catch up with people.”

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