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A month of bargain books

ESTACADA NEWS PHOTO: EMILY LINDSTRAND - Book Nook manager Linda Arnett and volunteer Sheila Laverty are excited about the start of the store's dollar sale.

The Book Nook is filled with countless books, and for the month of October, each of them will be available for just $1.

The store, 155 S.W. Third Ave., has two annual dollar sales, one in October and another in March. There are no limits on how many books can be purchased.

According to store manager Linda Arnett, one of the goals of these sales is to free up shelf space for additional books.

“We have boxes of books in the back overstock room because there’s just not space,” she said. “A lot of times we’ll have boxes in the restroom.”

The store’s 1,200 square feet is filled with used books. Bookshelves filled with fiction, history, romance, mystery and children’s titles and boxes containing more even books decorate the space.

Arnett isn’t sure how many books the store has, but they sometimes get up to 150 books donated in one day.

“A customer tried to count the books at one point, it was in the thousands,” she said.

Since the store strives to encourage literacy, Arnett thinks having too many books is ultimately a good problem to have.

The Book Nook works to connect the community with books in several ways.

The store gives a free book to every child who comes in. They also give books to the Veteran’s Hospital each month.

Additionally, the store has a bulletin board where visitors can leave the titles of books that they are trying to find. If the Book Nook staff comes across the book, they’ll notify the requestor.

The store staffed entirely by volunteers, and all of its inventory is donated. During non-sale months, nothing in the store costs over $2.50.

The force behind the Book Nook is the Estacada Area Literary foundation. They strive to promote literature in the community and support other nonprofits in the area that encourage reading, art and music.

The Book Nook helps with the foundation’s goal in several ways. Proceeds from the book sales go back to the community, typically decided how at the foundation’s quarterly meetings. Recent organizations supported by the Book Nook include the Oregon County Fair, the Clackamas County Development Raffle and the Timber Festival.

The Book Nook also supports local schools through events such as Battle of the Books.

Arnett has been volunteering at the Book Nook for ten years. Her favorite part has been connecting with people.

Volunteer Sheila Laverty feels similarly.

“We have lots of fun, and we laugh a lot,” she said.

Both Arnett and Laverty are glad to support the literary pursuits of the community.

“The store is a gem,” Laverty said. “I wish we had these in more towns.”