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'Spending money on Donald Trump is like buying coffin nails by the crate'

What Oregon Republicans think about their presidential nominee (not all of them are angry)

COURTESY PHOTO - GOP nominee Donald J. Trump is not thrilling every Republican officer holder in Oregon. Some say they don't support him.Earlier this week, Bill Bryant, the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Washington, announced that he is not supporting Donald Trump.

This came on the heels of similar announcements by prominent Republicans across the country, which got us wondering how prominent Republicans in Oregon are feeling about their party’s presidential nominee. So, we rallied our newsrooms and sent out nearly 100 emails to Republicans holding elective office, seeking office or otherwise currently or formerly involved with party politics.

What we found was a wide range of opinions. Kevin Mannix, a former Republican gubernatorial candidate, is bullish on Trump. In contrast, Kerry Tymchuck, a former aide to U.S. Senator Gordon Smith, is so upset with the GOP nominee that he quit the party and will vote for Hillary Clinton.

Below are the questions we asked followed by the responses we got, in alphabetical order. We’re still waiting to hear back from several people we queried and will update the responses as we get them.

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