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Estacada City Council agrees to cycling plaza name change

The Estacada City Council recently granted the Estacada Development Association’s request that the name of the station plaza outside of City Hall revert back to the Estacada Station Cycling Plaza.

At its meeting on Monday, May 9, the council voted 3-2 to allow the switch, provided that information about additional outdoor activities is included in the plaza’s information kiosk.

Initially called the Estacada Station Cycling Plaza, the council voted at its April 25 meeting to change the name to the Estacada Station Plaza in order to to draw a greater variety of outdoor recreation enthusiasts to the location.

At their May 9 meeting, councilors initially expressed concern that the inclusion of the word “cycling” in the plaza’s name would limit its possibilities, particularly with Estacada’s recent growth as a hub for outdoor activity.

“(The plaza) should be an extension of that mission,” said councilor Lanelle King during the meeting.

The Estacada Development Association, the organization behind the plaza, hoped to include “cycling” in the name to capitalize upon the plaza’s proximity to the start of the Cascading Scenic Rivers Bikeway.

Dave Piper, treasurer of the Development Association, explained that the plaza is not intended to be used solely by cyclists, but that the original goal of the project was to increase cycling activity.

The council voted 3-2 to allow the name switch, as long as other recreational opportunities were identified in the plaza’s informational kiosk.

Piper stated that the goal of the kiosk is to identify all types of recreational opportunities in the area for visitors.

The informational kiosk is the project’s final phase.

The Development Association is in the process of securing funds for the kiosk, which Piper estimates will cost somewhere between $5,000 and $15,000. He said the cost will depend on the nature of the informational system; he hopes for something with a technological tie in, such as an app for smartphones.

The plaza is in its second phase of development. The area includes a water fountain, bike racks, a bicycle repair station, a seating area and a restroom.

The project has been a community effort. Members of the Timberlake Job Corps have completed work on the project’s landscaping.

“It’s really great for our students to be able to work on projects in the community like this,” said Sharon Hernandez, center director for the Job Corps.

If all goes according to plan, the Development Association hopes the entire project will be completed by July 1.

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