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Vote Dodrill for Estacada mayor


Brent Dodrill is simply the only choice as the successor to outgoing Estacada Mayor Becky Arnold. Of the two candidates running for mayor, Dodrill is the candidate with a clear vision of what it means to lead the community forward.

His opponent, Pat Watkins, is a nice man and heart is in the right place. But he did not give his candidacy the depth of thought necessary of a serious contender.

Watkins is a hard worker who commutes daily to his job Gresham, making it doubtful that he would be able to perform the duties of the mayor that sometimes are required during normal business hours. By his own admission, he has not attended City Council meetings or even opened a city budget. Despite never having looked at the city budget, he speaks about mistakes in the way city government spends its money. When pressed, he's unable to point to specific examples of financial mishandling, only saying ”people have told me."

He raises concerns about the Estacada School District, even though being elected mayor wouldn't give him any influence over school operations.

Our intention here is not to make little of Watkins intent, because at the core of his candidacy is everything you would hope from a person running for office: He has a sincere interest in serving his community. That's a rare commodity these days. At that level, we give him full marks.

But before Watkins is ready to serve as mayor, he first needs to volunteer his services for a city committee and learn the basics of city government. Then he needs to run for and serve a term on City Council. In doing so, Watkins would learn exactly how the money is spent (good and bad), where a city councilor can have influence, and develop the leadership skills that are necessary of the town's mayor.

That's exactly what Dodrill has done.

Dodrill was elected to City Council in January 2006 and re-elected in 2010. He has served on the infrastructure committee and the budget committee, as well as the board of Estacada TOGETHER and the Estacada Community Foundation.

He has coached numerous basketball teams at all levels, assisted with Estacada Youth Football, and has been a chaplain with the Estacada Fire District for more than 13 years.

As a city councilor, he places a priority on economic development, and is committed to working to attract both small business and industry to Estacada. He describes the annexation of the former mill site into Estacada as a “great step forward.”

All of these things point to Dodrill as a well-connected member of the community, exactly what you would want from a mayor.

He also possesses the people skills that you would want from a person who represents your town as its No. 1 ambassador to neighboring communities and state and regional governments.

We strongly recommend a vote for Brent Dodrill to become Estacada's next mayor.