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Time is now for new fire station

There is a lot of talk about the pros and cons of building a new fire station. There are those who say we need one and those who say we don’t because of the financial cost of building one

First of all, lets get one thing straight. When it comes to saving lives and property, no amount of money can bring back the lost life of a loved one or the destruction of our property.

Estacada needs a new fire station. Period. The cost is a one-time thing, and it will be an investment in the future of this town and surrounding area.

This fire station that we now have can be compared to a horse drawn wagon in this day and age. It is out dated and obsolete.

A new station will have all new equipment and the latest technology. Up to date equipment both for a quick medical response, whether for vehicle accidents or severe medical problems. It will have quick mobility to respond to fires and be able to arrive immediately upon notification of where the fire is located.

Remember one thing when you vote. One day you may be in need, either of immediate medical response to life threatening injuries to save your life or the life of a loved one, or fire response to save your home or property for destruction.

If you vote against the new station and lose a life of a loved one or your property is destroyed because of your unwillingness to spend money, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Why take chances? You never know what the future holds. Be prepared. Build the station and your investment will pay off in saved lives and property in the future to come. And it could be your own life or property that might be saved.

Samson Dan, Estacada

Greenhouse deserves thanks

As a follow up to last week’s article about our new greenhouse at Estacada High School, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank those who have helped make this dream come true.

Numerous members of the community have graciously stepped up over the past six years to volunteer their help and expertise.

Without these individuals, the greenhouse would still be a work in progress and unavailable for student use.

It is because of the generosity of the following individuals and companies that our students will finally have access to a facility that will greatly improve their learning opportunities in Agriscience: Dave and Mary Ann Bugni, Chris Guntermann – Horticultural Services; members of Stewarding an Edible Estacada District (SEED); Rick Slater; Scott Sullivan; Cliff Brown; Dean Schoknecht and members of the high school Ag Advisory Committee; Dale Kuykendall, JR Merit Industrial Contractors; Allen Meyer, H and L Corporation; Ken Oliver, KO Custom Fab; Sid Gunter Jr., GTE Metals; Glenn Clark, Tacoma Screw Products; Ray Bristow, Vancouver Bolt and Supply; Garrett Kitchen, Team Electric; Mike Wynn, Mainline Plumbing; advisers of Mount Hood District FFA chapters; and Estacada district staff and students.

It is with the utmost sincerity that I thank all of the above individuals. I look forward to the use of the facility to further my quest to provide only the best learning opportunities for the students in this wonderful community.

Kate Dean, Estacada High School science teacher

Civility disappears in county race

The race for chairman of the Clackamas County Commission is turning into a mud fight. Instead of debating the issues, giving logical answers that will help the people of Clackamas County, the supporters and fringe groups of the current county commissioners are engaging in Chicago-style politics: campaign sign destruction; name calling of candidates.

We have all heard the stories of conservative signs disappearing throughout the county. Radio talk show hosts have been highlighting the double standard of the liberal and conservative perspectives on the first amendment of freedom of speech.

Liberals most often believe freedom of speech applies when it supports their viewpoint, but if it supports a conservative, there is a backlash against them.

President Obama said back in 2008 “if you don’t have a record to run on, you paint your opponent as someone to run from,” That is exactly what is happening in the race for Chair in Clackamas County. Scoundrels or vandals have been lurking around the area looking to do damage to conservative campaign signs. Some people are creating websites trying to scare voters away from conservatives and their positions through name-calling and other disruptive behavior.

Recently, while traveling around the county and talking with candidates on the issues, people have approached me about the new “John Ludlow is a Bully” signs with a website. Those signs are popping up all around the county three weeks before the November election.

I typed in the website and wanted to learn more about these comments. Upon reading through the website, it is full of name-calling and unfounded claims against Ludlow. The most telling part of the site was at the end; it does not accept comments to refute any of the claims made by the unknown author.

We take our first amendment seriously, but if you create an opinion site, you should take responsibility and be accountable for your words. I created my own blog to highlight and discuss the issues in the news from the federal, state and local levels; however, my blog is an opinion forum. I welcome comments and discussion. If I get something wrong or misspeak, I will not hide behind a curtain or insult candidates. I will give reasons why I believe their policies are wrong.

We are better than this and that’s why I support a change in course. I will not stand for reckless denial of free speech just because someone has a different point of view. Campaign sign destruction cannot continue and I call for candidates to come out and stand on principles and denounce this type of behavior.

We are not Chicago, we are Oregon, we reject partisan rhetoric and welcome discussion on the issues. We believe in the voice of the people and the freedom of speech of our citizens.

Kevin Moss, Sandy

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