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News story was well done

I just wanted to say that the article Scott Jorgensen wrote about my son, Jake Elizey, and his business (Nolan’s Tattoo Parlour) was outstanding.

As a father, it made me feel very proud of my son and his business success. Thank you.

Richard Ellzey

Eagle Creek

New law helps children, but everyone needs to be aware

Oregon added a new tool to help keep children safe this year when it expanded the list of professionals who are required to report suspicions of child abuse.

In addition to teachers, medical professionals and other established “mandatory reporters,” the new law increased the list of public and private professionals who must report child abuse, including: all employees of organizations providing child-related services or activities such as scout groups and summer camps; all employees of higher education institutions; and paid coaches, assistant coaches and trainers of child athletes.

These additions are a step toward increasing child safety. Yet, we must remember that each and every citizen plays a crucial role in keeping children safe.

We daily see the devastation of child abuse at Children’s Center. Though we applaud the increased responsibility placed on adults, we don’t believe the January 1st expansion goes far enough. Every citizen needs to notify authorities when they suspect a child may be experiencing abuse or neglect. You can make a world of difference to a hurting child by acting on your concerns.

The expanded reporting law means increased education is needed about how to respond, and when to call in suspected cases of abuse. We encourage you to contact Children’s Center if you have questions or would like a presentation about child abuse reporting and other related topics. Call the Center at 503-655-7725 or visit today.

During Child Abuse Prevention Month this April, make this a community that will protect kids from child abuse. Call Children’s Center today to learn how you can partner with us to end child abuse in our community. And most importantly, call the Clackamas County Child Abuse Hotline at 971-673-7112 if you are concerned about the safety of a child.

Barbara Peschiera

Executive Director

Children’s Center

Oregon City

Contract Publishing

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