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May 30, 2013

We can be proud of junior high track team

The Estacada Junior High track team deserves a public pat on the back.

I am a parent of a junior high girl, Lauren, who started track this year. I want to say how impressed I am with Estacada Junior High’s team.

I went to every track meet, and at every one, including the home meets, our kids were always kind, helpful, respectful, cheered on all their teammates and the opposing teams, and I never heard a foul word come out of their mouths.

I will say that the schools they would compete with did not have the same type of high standards.

Not to say the other schools did not have some good kids, but I did witness many times (at every meet) the other teams having kids who were disrespectful, using foul language, not helpful and pushy.

I witnessed this firsthand as some kids came and basically shoved my mother and I over and then proceeded to use foul language and be rowdy and push against me. We had to get up and move.

I was so shocked at their behavior, and critical of some of our kids.

I have watched these Estacada Junior High kids give their all, including in very hot weather.

One girl finished her race even though halfway through I knew she was hurt. Sure enough, as soon as she crossed the finish line, she collapsed. It brought tears to my eyes to see the heart these kids have.

It does not matter if they place high, but that they have disciplined themselves to do their best and then went out and did it. They never gave up.

Way to go kids. Kudos to you all. You deserve it.

Twenka Founds, Estacada

Change is on the horizon

Election results provided the final sunset on a gloomy era and the beginning dawn of a bright and positive educational future for Estacada students.

With the May 21 election of four motivated and dedicated board members the re-branding process of our school district has begun. I congratulate Rick Mudrow, Angela Riedel, Sonja McCarty and Jeromy Adamson on their election victories and support their decisions to do the right things and make the right choices for our students, our school district and for our community.

Dora J. Morgan, Estacada