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A Fathers Day gift suggestion from 1943.1943: Estacada had its attention turned towards World War II.

“Buy U.S. War Bonds” urged the paper.

It included a recipe for “tasty, no-sugar all-bran muffins” which probably had more to do with sugar-rationing that weight loss.

A letter from a young pilot-hopeful in training to his mother in Estacada ran in the “Letters from Service Men” column.

The paper also ran an article with instructions for “getting the most from your Victory Garden.” Planting pole beans, beets, cabbage and summer squash varieties of “compact habit” were suggested to “give a home gardener a special glow of patriotic pride.”

The British Food Ministry had urged restaurants to paint their walls with “attention grabbing murals” and throw “gaily colored” coverings over their tables in order to distract from “stomach boredom.” Stomach boredom was a problem in Britain because of the “sameness” of food being served under the British rationing system.

At home in Estacada, there was sad news. A 5-year-old fatally shot his 8-year-old brother in the neck in a quarrel over a marble.

1983: A killdeer built its nest in the middle of an Estacada family’s driveway. The adult bird would fake a broken wing to draw attention away from the nest whenever a potential predator (or newspaper photographer) drew near.

1993: Estacada’s Family Fourth of July celebration was canceled due to lack of volunteer support.

2003: Fearless Brewing Company opened its doors to the public for the first time.

2012: The Fourth of July Estacada Area Community Events (EACE) revived the Timber Festival 20 years after its last occurrence.

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